‘A very difficult time’: Woman, child dead from carbon monoxide poisoning amid Texas storm

Much of the U.S. has been hit with extreme winter weather this month, leaving many Texans without power as they struggle to find ways to stay warm in freezing temperatures.

In one tragic update, reports show a mother and her child have died from carbon monoxide poisoning while in an attempt to survive the severe cold.

“You’ve got to be careful”

The individuals represent just two in the death toll being attributed to the winter weather. As of the latest reports available, more than two dozen people have died as a second storm passed over much of the south.

Police reportedly discovered the woman and her 8-year-old daughter during a welfare check at their home in Houston. A man and a 7-year-old boy were also found suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning but survived the ordeal.

A car was left running in the home’s garage as the family attempted to stay warm. The woman reportedly lost consciousness while still inside the vehicle.

Police Lt. Larry Crowson told reporters that it has been “a very difficult time” as so many across the city and beyond are living without power.

“I know it’s cold, but you’ve got to be careful about using generators on cars inside a garage or any type of fire, grill, or charcoal grill,” he added. “Carbon monoxide is odorless and can kill people very easily.”

“An absolute public health disaster”

Hundreds of others have been hospitalized across the state for carbon monoxide poisoning and exposure to the elements as the cold weather continues to ravage the region. As of Wednesday morning, nearly 3 million homes were believed to be without power.

Two men in Houston were found dead from the cold. A woman and her three grandchildren in the same city were killed in a house fire after using a fireplace to stay warm.

In North Carolina, the storm led to a tornado that left three people dead and at least 10 others injured. Outside of the U.S., the massive winter storm has also disrupted power for millions of residents in northern Mexico.

One Houston medical official told KPRC that the current situation represents “an absolute public health disaster,” indicating that carbon monoxide poisoning “certainly happens when it gets cold, but never in these numbers.”

President Joe Biden has declared a state of emergency in Texas and is “prepared to assist” governors impacted by the disaster, which is not expected to relent until at least this weekend.

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11 Responses

  1. Biden, you and the democrats get you heads out of your a** and do something to help these people in Texas. They need help, NOW!!!!!!!!

    1. I would almost bet that Bitme has no idea at all of what’s happening in Texas. He is probably still looking for the bathroom.

    2. I want Biden and his green deal to stay out of Texas. Biden and his communist Mafia caused this weather disaster. Read about weather seeding. They hate Texans

  2. Biden better get his “global warming” nuts going on this. Things like this are going to make his global warming con tough to sell.

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  4. Trump side it best when he said that Biden sent FEMA help to Texas…..Bid sent Texas fossil fuel generators! Don’t get me wrong because we can use them I am sure but it does not leave his GREEN NEW DEAL in a good light. This Green NEW DEAL BS is crazy because the world has been around for more years than I can phantom with GOD to manage it so it is in need of help now because AOC and her underlings say they have better ideas than GOD! I think NOT

  5. This is a definite wake up call to all states to upgrade and increase protection of the power grid. Sad part is; Texas energy company is privately owned, not connected to the u.s.grid, and cannot pull power from the grid. That needs to change. And the ones in charge of the Texas energy company don’t even reside in the state! They will pay a heavy price for that i’m Sure!

  6. Just want to make someone aware of the migrants that possibly died during the cold weather in Texas we do not know about those children with sandals and tee shirts hiding in the bushes that Biden promised the good lifestyle and their parents who are in Guatemala sold them to someone so they could come to America. We all hope AOC and her green new deal of windmills and no alternative power has a conscience for the lives lost during this winter storm in the south.

  7. AOC and her cronies have no conscience for whatever they are advocating! Not only do they not have a conscience, brain power and commonsense are sadly lacking, too! Open mouth insert both feet!

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