Authorities arrest woman accused of mailing deadly substance to White House: Report

A Canadian woman who allegedly sent ricin-contaminated letters to President Donald Trump has been arrested, Fox News reports.

According to Fox, Quebec resident Pascale Ferrier was arrested Saturday as she attempted to cross the border near Buffalo, New York.

Ferrier is reported to have been carrying a knife and a loaded handgun at the time she was taken into custody and is now facing charges of threatening the president. She pleaded not guilty in court on Tuesday and is being held without bail, Fox reported.

Fonda Kubiak, the attorney representing Ferrier, said her client “has a presumption of innocence and that’ll be pursued further after today.”

Not just Trump

Ferrier was also arrested last year in Hidalgo, a county along the Texas border, for illegally carrying a weapon and tampering with government records, Fox reported.

In her latest crime, Trump may not have been Ferrier’s only target. Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra confirmed that letters containing ricin were also sent to him and others in his department, the Washington Examiner reported.

“I can confirm that envelopes, containing the deadly toxin ricin, [were] mailed to me and three of my detention staff,” the Democratic sheriff tweeted Monday.

The letters sent to the sheriff resemble those sent to the president, according to court papers cited by Fox.

“At this time due to [an] active federal investigation I cannot make any further comments but a media release will be sent out tomorrow,” Guerra said Monday, adding: “No injuries were sustained.”

Not the first time

President Trump, for his part, has long been a target of left-wing vitriol, with some opponents openly threatening him with violence.

In June of 2016, a British national went to one of Trump’s rallies and attempted to wrestle away an officer’s gun so he could use it to shoot the then-candidate, according to the BBC. He was charged “with an act of violence in a restricted area,” the BBC reported.

Celebrities have also wished harm on the president, with recording artist Madonna stating at the 2017 Women’s March in Washington that she has “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” according to the Washington Examiner.

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