Woman shot in Washington, D.C. train station

A bystander caught in the crossfire of an armed “altercation” inside of a train station in Washington, D.C. was injured by a gunman’s stray bullet on Thursday.

The suspect, 40-year-old Demarvzia Caston, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, Fox 5 reported.

Bystander shot in D.C. train station

The police say that Caston got into an altercation with a third person around 4 p.m. at L’Enfant Plaza Metro station.

The unidentified female victim refused to go to the hospital.

The police said they aren’t sure how she was struck but said she might have been grazed by the bullet that was discharged on the Green/Yellow line platform.

Metro General Manager Randy Clarke sought to assure the public that “this type of criminal behavior on Metro will not be tolerated.”

“We will continue to enhance our security operations to provide a safe system for our customers and staff,” the metro said.

Biden’s America….

A spokeswoman for the Metro also said that the transit police have “launched a series of initiatives focused on rooting out and addressing the factors that lead to crime and working with community partners to deal with mental health or other contributing social factors.”

But the shooting has already edgy residents frightened, especially after a recent stabbing at another train station in D.C.

As one local put it, it’s like the “wild, wild west.”

“I think we all have safety concerns,” commuter Vincent Brown said. “It’s like the wild, wild west out here, you know? There’s always something happening. Your head has got to always be on a swivel.”

Is that any way for people to live? Joe Biden’s America is a dangerous world for the law-abiding.