Dominion says it won’t release intellectual property to ‘unaccredited, biased’ Maricopa auditors: Report

Dominion Voting Systems is joining the chorus of protest over the controversial audit of the 2020 election in Arizona’s Maricopa County.

According to the Washington Examiner, the voting machine company has said it to won’t cooperate with what it called an “irresponsible” audit, citing the “unaccredited” firm managing it. The development comes after the Arizona Senate accused Maricopa County of withholding passwords to access the company’s voting machines, the Associated Press reported.

“Bias and incompetence”

Dominion said that they would be pleased to cooperate with the demand, but Cyber Ninjas — the firm running the audit — lacks credibility. Audits carried out by Maricopa County earlier this year were legitimate, however, the company said.

“We happily did so with the independent EAC-accredited providers that Maricopa County hired for system auditing earlier this year,” the company said, according to the Examiner. But “not only is Cyber Ninjas unaccredited, but they have also demonstrated bias and incompetence, including committing a serious breach of the secure chain of custody that protects voting equipment,” they added.

Dominion also said releasing its “intellectual property to an unaccredited, biased, and plainly unreliable actor such as Cyber Ninjas would be reckless, causing irreparable damage to the commercial interests of the company and the election security interests of the country,” according to the AP. “No company should be compelled to participate in such an irresponsible act,” they said in a statement.

Pressed for comment by the Examiner, the company didn’t speak further.

Controversial audit continues

For weeks, Democrats have slammed the audit as a partisan wild goose chase seeking to prove that President Joe Biden was not elected legitimately. Opponents of the audit have portrayed Cyber Ninjas as unqualified and illegitimate, pointing to the group’s founder, who has echoed former President Donald Trump’s claims that the 2020 election was stolen.

Republicans have said that the loud protest from Democrats shows they are afraid of what the audit might uncover.

Dominion, for its part, was responding to a letter from Arizona Senate president Karen Fann (R) complaining to Maricopa County officials that auditors had discovered traces of a missing database and demanding access to its passwords, as well as virtual images of the county’s routers.

According to Arizona’s ABC 15, Fann said it “strains credulity to posit that the County has no contractual right to obtain (i.e., control of) password information from Dominion,” as the county conducted two of its own audits this year that it touted as proof that the election was fraud-free.

Maricopa County has resisted the current audit, which is examining more than 2 million ballots, from the start, and they slammed Fann’s claims as “reckless” and “unfounded.”

According to the Examiner, Dominion has filed high-profile defamation lawsuits against Trump allies who claimed without evidence that its machines were hacked in 2020 to throw the race to Biden. Meanwhile, the Arizona Senate has renewed its lease at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, which originally lasted through Friday, May 14, according to reports.

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37 Responses

      1. The state of Arizona needs to file lawsuit against Dominion. They need to list all problems with the voting machines etc. The Communist Democrats heads need to role, start putting them in jail, no bail until they talk. They will start talking.

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  2. If there was no fraud you’d think that the Democratic Party as well as Dominion would be in full favor of allowing any audits that could prove it! What are they trying to hide by refusing to cooperate with Judges Orders, refusing to allow the Senate of the state question, to audit the machinery they paid for in the first place. Something is funny about the whole thing when a accused party refuses to cooperate with a investigation that could/would exonerate them!

  3. If Dominion wanted to preserve its company’s reputation, why would they or anyone for that matter object to double checking their machines. Why is anyone afraid & why is a recount a threat? Come on people. Do it, clear up the doubts and get on with it. When objections are so vehement, that is a red flag something isn’t right! Kinda like not wanting voter id when every other facet of our lives requires I’d. Hmmmm, sound fishy??

  4. cooks as alway the democrats are like commies no different both lie,both steal they will never except voter ID if they do they loose

  5. Republicans let Dems set away with stealing elections up till now, now they want to cry election fraud.They should have put these election thieves in jail 50 years ago.WaaWaaWaa

  6. So afraid your going to jail! Everyone knows the election was rigged. You just show the the world you cheated with Nancy Pelosi and Diana fienstien help. If it wasn’t rigged what do have to hide. Corruption with the Democrat part help.

  7. in all my years I have learned anyone that objects that hard is normally guilty of fraud . you would think they would want to proves nothing wrong.

  8. Well what did you expect Democrats do this every time they try to discredit anybody questioning them
    It’s gotten to the point where they are censoring and even stomping on our first amendment right just a hide and cover up their wrongdoings even the media Is bombarding us every day trying to make us believe that the Democrats are right things like
    Transgendered in our bathrooms Where a full grown man could be peeing right next to your daughter
    And that we don’t need voter ID to vote in this country oh yeah we need an ID for everything else
    Didn’t you love the Russian collusion (it was fraud people) Since that was a set up and false Information delivered by the Democrats and since it’s fraud shouldn’t the DNC be paying for the Mueller investigation the taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for fraud
    But of course now we’re supposed to believe all these evil things or actually good things according to Democrats and remember they want you to Believe they are above the law

    1. Amen, Richard. Corrupt, influential people are proven since beginning of time to be above the law!!! But no one seems driven to bring these people to justice! Anyone who is innocent has no fear of the light being shined upon them, i.e., Dominion! As Christians and patriots we know God is in charge and we continuosly pray these corrupt politicians will be exposed and prosecuted!!

  9. I think an AUDIT of every state is called for. It’s time for AMERICANS to stand up and get the truth of 2020 election. If DOMINION had nothing to hide why are they fighting an AUDIT of their machines. If they refuse every state should send them packing and start arresting everyone of them starting with George Soros.

  10. The louder the squeal the more it says, ‘We cheated’! Only the most ignorant of people would even try to defend this nonsense.

  11. Let he fun begin, open up the machines and look at what happened to the votes and if there is no problem with the count I can live with it. But something tell me that there was a lot of cheating going on not just in AZ. but all the other states that are controlled by the Demc, party. President Trump is not wrong about the things he talks about, he did not get where is is by being stupid as they are.

  12. OK Dominion, we trust you, right? Especially when you will open your records up to the American People, or do you think those doing the recount are “NOT AMERICANS”. Obvious giveaway.

  13. One PROVEN case of a person voting a dead person ballot and the trumpers are not saying a word about it! Can it be because the ilegal vote was for crooked trump??

  14. We need election audits in every state! Then, the American people need to get communist Judge John Roberts to hear all the cases and read all the fraud audits on our 2020 federal election that was stolen from 75 million Americans. If he refuses, then inform him to step down. He is useless anyway. We need Biden including communist Kamala Ho and their whole corrupt administration to vacate the White House etc because they stole the election and shouldn’t be there! Then, place all these evil communist democrat criminals in prison and throw away the keys!

  15. Biden and the whole lot of democrats are afraid. They know they cheated and dont want it to get out. You would think they would want to let the audit happen so they could call Trump a liar. Their FEAR shows Trump is the TRUE PRESIDENT.

  16. they cry foul as loud as can be. But the truth will be fully made known. We know it was fraud just by the evidence that came out.

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  18. Please unsubscribe me to this account.
    Too many advertisers, jumping from one ad to another before I can read the main article.

  19. I don’t think they realize that most Americans are tenacious; we don’t give up until the job is finished. This should have been done immediately after the “election” but better late than never.

  20. If these commies wont release their fraud then, shut them down and cut their ties with anyone in America. Take down all of their equipment in our Country and, toss it in the Ocean.

  21. The voting machine companies that refuse an audit should be automatically removed from future contract consideration and fined for non-fulfillment of 2020 contract.

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  23. Dominion can make all the fancy excuses they want, but the American people know the truth. They were paid by the Democrats and their deep-pocket cohorts, to make sure the Dems won the election. You can make all the excuses you want, Dominion, but you’re only proving that you have something to hide. You rigged the election for the Democrats.

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