World Net Daily commentator Patrice Lewis publishes list of 99 more things that are ‘racist’

Patrice Lewis has published on World Net Daily a list of 99 “more” things that are now considered racist by woke activists, and some of the things on the list will probably surprise you or leave you scratching your head. 

This list contains links with articles that explain why each item is considered racist. Here are some of the most egregious things on the list:

The Fourth of July and fireworks because the holiday only represents freedom for “white people” according to squad member Cori Bush, and because fireworks pollution impacts people of color disproportionately.

The capitalization of letters is racist because apparently, capital letters are symbols of hierarchy, or so says some professor of indigenous peoples who thinks using all lowercase letters is a form of “resistance.”

Woke gone amuck

Outdoor activities like hiking and fishing are racist because history shows that these activities have been “unsafe” for people of color. Not physically unsafe, mind you, somehow psychologically unsafe because of systemic racism.

Self-defense and parental rights are now also racist. Basically, anything that allows people to stand up to people who claim dumb things are racist is–yep, you guessed it–racist.

So is asking children to behave and follow directions, crime software, and traffic violations.

If we believe this nonsense, we will unquestioningly swallow the narrative that anything that contributes to order in society is racist, seemingly intended to let people of color get away with anything they want to in the name of stopping racism.

Moving right along, Lewis also documents the woke left saying that freedom and free speech are racist, which leaves people no way to fight against this kind of woke dogmatism. But that’s exactly what the left wants–no opposition and using racism as a way to control people.

Logic falls apart

Of course, the point Lewis is making is that woke logic falls apart when anyone applies even the smallest bit of common sense.

When everything is racist, nothing actually is–or at least, it is difficult to take any allegation of racism seriously when there are so very many of them and most of them make zero sense.

Actual racism is getting lost in lists like this, and most people won’t care about it when they are expected to see it everywhere.

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