Former Yale professor who diagnosed Trump as ‘psychotic’ files wrongful termination lawsuit against university

There is a longstanding ethical rule for psychiatrists that prohibits giving a professional diagnosis of the mental health of public figures who have not been personally evaluated — a rule that was largely ignored throughout the tenure of former President Donald Trump.

It wasn’t entirely unenforced, however, as was learned by former Yale University professor Dr. Bandy Lee, an outspoken critic of Trump, who was recently fired by the university for, in part, grossly and repeatedly violating that ethics rule, the Washington Examiner reported.

Professor: Trump is psychotic

Beginning in 2017, Dr. Lee, who had never met with or evaluated then-President Trump, publicly asserted her belief that Trump suffered the symptoms of certain mental health disorders, claims that eventually culminated in her best-selling book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.

That alone appears to be in violation of the American Psychiatric Association’s “Goldwater Rule” against diagnosing public figures without an evaluation. Lee’s current problem, however, stems from the expansion of her diagnosis of just Trump to that of a “shared psychosis” with “just about all” of the president’s supporters, including one of his impeachment attorneys, Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz.

The famed attorney was not pleased by the unethical smear and insinuation that he was “psychotic,” and sent a letter to top university officials that called for a formal investigation of Lee in relation to the Goldwater Rule and her public diagnoses, according to the Yale Daily News.

That investigation resulted in Lee being let go from her position from Yale in mid-2020, according to a lawsuit the Lee filed in federal court in Connecticut alleging wrongful termination and other damages.

Lee claimed that she is not bound by the APA’s Goldwater Rule — as she is not an APA member. Furthermore, she defended her public remarks against Trump, Dershowitz, and others as being part of her duty to warn the public of danger, as well as protected free speech under the U.S. Constitution, the Connecticut Constitution, and Yale’s guarantees of academic freedom and free expression.

Wrongful termination lawsuit

Lee undermined her own arguments, however, by including text from the termination letter she had received from Dr. John Krystal, chair of Yale’s Psychiatry Department, in which he noted that questions about her “clinical judgment and professionalism” — and not the “political content” of her public remarks — was the reason for her being let go from the school.

Krystal pointed out that the “duty to warn” that Lee claimed as cover for her public remarks about Trump only existed in the context of a specific “treatment relationship” with a dangerous patient and not public figures a clinician had never personally met or evaluated. ”

Although the committee does not doubt that you are acting on the basis of your personal moral code, your repeated violations of the APA’s Goldwater Rule and your inappropriate transfer of the duty to warn from the treatment setting to national politics raised significant doubts about your understanding of crucial ethical and legal principles in psychiatry,” Krystal wrote in the termination letter.

Nevertheless, Lee alleged in her lawsuit that Yale breached its contract with her, breached the “implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing,” that she was wrongfully terminated, and that Yale was negligent in representing its rules and guidelines in terms of its guarantees of academic freedom and free expression.

The ex-professor is demanding the court compel the university to reinstate her as a professor, provide compensation for a variety of losses she claims to have suffered, as well as punitive damages against Yale for the alleged violation of her rights.

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15 Responses

  1. A perfect example of higher education cronies exerting their supposed brilliance and stupidity at the same time. Time to return to teaching the science rather than their personal political views.

    1. Hey Roland, I don’t know your age but at 68, I can’t tell you how many times in my life, I’ve heard the term, experts are baffled, as their findings found wrong. That is self explanatory, it tells us that there are no experts. When I was a child, my dad told me and expert is a spurt that didn’t make it. A professional was someone that had more degrees than a thermometer but still didn’t have a clue. So, that being said tells me that even with facts, you still can’t be 100% sure.

  2. She lost right rights when she criticized our President unjustly and without forethought!!! She has absolutely no knowledge of President Trump’s mental condition, nor anything else about him. You can’t go around saying just any old radical thing you dream up about someone you don’t know. It is called defamation of character; AND YOU DESERVED THE TERMINATION!!!

    1. Said very well. The Cancel culture going on today has to stop. Poor President Trump had people saying false things about him during his 4 years in office. The media carrying it on to yet another level. No one should have to go through this kind of treatment let a lone a man who was giving up a lot of his own wealth to try to make America a better place again. Even giving his pay of $400000. A year to charity or our NATIONAL parks.

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  4. Liar. I wouldn’t give you one cent for any deep state “psychiatrist” from Yale. Wonder how much of our money proposing paid to have this obvious loser make a false statement. Never trust the left anymore.

  5. All kinds of invalidated misdiagnosis’ given; making it public is violation of HIIPA, Rights, Trump should be suing.

  6. Agree with all posts! I wonder if piglosi’s statements to the joint chiefs of staff about President Trump “ bieng unhinged” would be in that same category! She certainly is no doctor of psychiatry, ( but definitely psychotic on her own) ! And—- she made those statements publicly! Defamation of character? YES! Not to mention attempting to usurp presidential power! She should be fired as well!

  7. I sure hope Yale doesn’t fold and that the courts uphold her dismissal! From my professional HR persepctive, it seems like a very legitimate termination to me. And about time liberals start being held accountable!!

  8. Just a reminder a genuinely deadly pandemic doesn’t require 24/7 advertising to remind you it exists.
    Real pandemics don’t need marketing campaigns and endless propaganda….. But

    Psychological Operations

  9. Ivy league schools and professors are the psychopaths. Bunch of mothering losers with elbow patches on their cheap blazers. MORONS who can’t change a flat tire but feel the need to pontificate on how we should change the world. The guys doing the custodial work in these ivory towers of stupidity dwarf these so called intellectuals when it comes to real life practical knowledge and common sense. These fools are the losers who you disliked in high school because they were such NERDS. They will be better off keeping their overedhcated/ Under intelligent mouths shut

  10. Well well, Dr Lee. looks like it came back to bite you in the butt. Good for Yale for firing you. Couldn’t have happen to a better person. Go ahead and diagnose somebody else, without having talked to that person face to face. I love when we get good news like this. Dr.Lee is a quack. LOL

  11. Freedom of speech is a right but freedom has a price ~ I am white & legally I can go into a crowded all black bar & yell “I hate N Word” but I likely will get a A** beating ~ her consequences was getting fired ~ Hope she’s happy

  12. AOC needs to shut the HELL UP about people’s brain….She should take a good look at herself in the mirror:…She should say: You know, I’m not that smart and that is why I pick on other people, because, it makes me feel better…
    And I should learn to keep MY BIG MOUTH SHUT and do my job…

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