Ye West reveals truth about Obama fallout

Ye West, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, just revealed why it is that his “connection” with former President Barack Obama has “faded,” and it appears to be Ye’s departure from the Democrat script.  

This is one of several topics that Ye discussed with the Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlsen during a recent interview.

Early beginnings

During his talk with Carlsen, Ye went into great detail about his background with Obama.

Ye, it ought to be noted, grew up, at least in part, in the South Side of Chicago, which is where Obama got his political start.

“I was Obama’s favorite artist,” Ye said. “Obama met with me and my mama to say that he was running for office back in 2008 and he wanted the support.”

“And, everybody was so ‘in’ to this idea of the Black president,” Ye continued. “We were always cool. It’s also like … How many of us are there? Obama level? Ye level? Virgil [Abloh] level? Just Black, so brilliant, that we cut through all the lines of racism.”

So, what happened?

Ye explained how his and Obama’s “connection faded.”

“In some place, we’d have to be friends and get along, because it’s like — you’re at that level,” he said. “You’re like a Formula One Lewis Hamilton race car driver. We’re still driving a white car, but we were the best race car drivers that ever existed.”

“That was my and Obama’s connection,” Ye said. “But, as soon as I wasn’t saying what I was supposed to say as a rapper, our connection faded.”

Ye is one of the rare celebrities who is publicly speaking out against the Democrats, particularly concerning their race agenda. The rapper recently made headlines for wearing a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt, pushing back against the Black Lives Matter movement.

“He sees me”

Even though their “connection faded,” Ye did say that if he were to see Obama again, he would talk to him. “I’ll talk to him if I see him,” Ye said. “But I guarantee you he sees me.”

What Ye did not say is what he would talk to Obama about.