‘Dishonest hack’: GOP Rep. Zeldin blasts Pelosi for downplaying border crisis, calls for ‘new blood’ in Congress

Despite evidence to the contrary, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) insisted this week that the situation on the nation’s southern border is “on a good path” under the leadership of President Joe Biden.

Her assessment did not sit well with critics like U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), who responded by calling the Democratic leader a “dishonest hack” who deserved to be replaced as speaker, according to Fox News.

“A very bad situation”

Zeldin’s remarks came during a Fox appearance this week. There, the host played a clip of Pelosi all but dismissing the surge of undocumented migrants along the U.S.–Mexico border.

“The fact is, is that we’re on a good path at the border under the leadership of…President Biden,” she said on Wednesday, asserting that the nation was “in a very bad situation under the Trump administration.”

Asked for his thoughts, the congressman said that Pelosi’s comments serve as “a reminder that between Nancy Pelosi, [Rep.] Steny Hoyer [of Maryland], and [Rep.] James Clyburn [of South Carolina], the top three members of the House Democratic leadership — the top three members of House leadership — they have been serving now in the House of Representatives for well over 100 years.”

Zeldin went on to declare that the time has come for a fresh crop of congressional leaders.

“We need to bring in new blood, new ideas, because you have people like Speaker Pelosi who’s just a dishonest hack on stuff like this,” he said.

“The crisis will only get worse”

Zeldin also said the nation needs “people to be honest about what’s happening” on the border “because the crisis will only get worse until someone like Speaker Pelosi listens to some of her Texas Democrats in her delegation who say, ‘Hey, listen, there’s a crisis, I see it in my district and you better do something about it, because it’s coming to your district if you don’t stop it.”

Prior to his blunt denunciation of Pelosi’s remarks, Zeldin called out the Biden administration and the Democratic Party as a whole for trying to have it both ways in determining whether there is a border crisis and, if so, who is to blame.

According to Newsmax, he said that the immigration problem is likely to deteriorate because the Biden White House is trying to play both sides by declaring, on one hand, that no crisis exists, and on the other that there is a crisis, but former President Donald Trump is to blame.

For his part, Zeldin was clear in placing the blame on Biden, insisting that the president’s campaign rhetoric on immigration issues was compounded by his policies upon taking office — including a halt on border wall construction, a moratorium on deportations, and proposed amnesty for millions of undocumented immigrants.

“On so many different levels, the policies are incentivizing this,” the New York Republican said of the crisis on the border, according to Newsmax.

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19 Responses

      1. Pelosi likes to play the blame game. We have too many politicians who have lived off of us too many years Pelosi has sucked the tax payers 38 years,about the same for Chuck Schumer.

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  2. you ask whos the blame well so sorry but our great President had every thing under control and was making our country great again and then the democrats fixed the election so he would loose and look at us now complete Chaos What a pitiful bunch of useless America hating hypocrites God have mercy on the United States of America.

  3. So—- vacate the speaker’s chair and remove her! Andy Biggs from Arizona already has a motion going to do that. Join with him and get it done! She needs to be out ! She is unfit to be speaker!

  4. like biden i feel she is getting her talking points from the same old obama who is enjoy his third term by proxy

  5. The Demorats will never do anything to get rid of her and the voters won’t either, because they are as sorry as she is and expecting something free just like most all of the Demorats. The good thing is when she takes her last breath or GOD comes back she will get her just reward for what she has done to this Great Country. This is a FACT as sure as there is the sun in the pretty blue sky.

  6. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    Like I have stated many times before Biden and Harris both need to be impeached and now. Pelosi needs to be put completely out of our government and now.

  7. You have to take into account the fact that Nancy Pelosi is an alcoholic and wonder if it was another one of those times for which the booze was talking.

  8. Send her and Biden’s Administration all over the boarder with the illegals and save our own country first.They can stay over there and leave us alone.

  9. Green deal her husband received From Obama. Went bankrupt guess who pocked the money. Duh. Enough is enough. Resign. Oh yea tomorrow is ok

  10. She is a traitor to decency and should be impeached. The corruption of her family goes back generations.

  11. Thank you Zeldin for speaking for all Americans, she has lost focus and think only of power and money….
    She most definitely NEED to go and YES we do need some new and younger people in, so you are totally correct………

  12. So, we have Pelosi doing Biden’s job. Psaki is doing a schedulers job. Schumer playing the monkey on a string doing pelosi’s job. Harris…well nobody knows what her job is and there isn’t a decent press secretary in DC! No wonder our country is going to hell!

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