Zeldin does the impossible, pulls ahead of Democrat Hochul

For a while it was a red wave, then it became a red tsunami, but is there anything bigger than that?

Because according to some of the most recent polling numbers, Republicans will likely generate a Biblical-level tidal wave of red wins across the country, perhaps even in the deepest of blue states, like New York.

That’s because, according to Breitbart, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin just pulled ahead of incumbent Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul.

The change in numbers, and as a result, the new surge of momentum, is a massive win for the GOP with just weeks left before one of the most impactful midterm election cycles in U.S. history.

The numbers

In the co/efficient polling data, 45.6% of likely New York voters said they supported Zeldin.

Hochul, who has enjoyed a lead for months, now sits at 45.3% in the poll.

It’s extremely significant that Zeldin is even within 10 points, let along five points — let alone in the lead by even a fraction, as New York is reliably deep blue.

Breaking it down

Co/efficient pollster Ryan Munce explained why he believes the numbers have shifted so greatly, pinning it on registered Democrats — Hispanics, in particular — “defecting” to the other side.

“The race has been tightening over the last few weeks and it appears that it is now a dead heat,” Munce told the New York Post. “The shift has been led by predominantly white and Hispanic registered Democrats defecting to support Zeldin, the Republican candidate.”

Zeldin’s favorability rating is also above Hochul’s. However, that’s not as signifcant of an accomplishment, given that Hochul’s favorability is even lower than that of President Joe Biden’s, and that’s saying something.

It’s clear that commonsense, reasonable people on the left are sick and tired of how badly this country is being run by their party, and they, like millions of others, are ready to get back to when times are good, which only seems to be when Republicans are in charge.