If You’re a Conservative, You Need to Read This Warning

The left wing has conquered most of our colleges, public schools, TV stations, newspapers, and corporate boardrooms.

Now they’re starting to use the most important tool they have for censorship: control over the Internet itself.

The biggest tech companies have realized they have more power than it seems. If they stop you from getting conservative emails or seeing conservative content in your news feed, then they can stop you from getting conservative newsperiod.

To fight this, we’ve released a simple, powerful way to bypass many of the algorithmic “gatekeepers” in order to tell the truth about what’s happening in America.

The Next Part of This Article Is Important:

You can bypass the gatekeepers by taking two simple actions:

  1. Sign up for our “push notifications.” A box with the words “Stay Informed” should appear near the top of the browser window on this site. When you see it, click “Subscribe.” (If you don’t see the box, you might already be subscribed, or you might need to check back later.)
  2. Whitelist our emails. This will make sure that all of our messages go to your inbox, where they belong. Follow the directions below that correspond to your email provider:

Most conservatives don’t realize how powerful tech companies are when it comes to dictating what kind of news they see. Help us fight back!