Gmail Whitelist Instructions

Desktop (scroll down for mobile instructions)

To whitelist our emails, start by opening the email.

Next, click the options icon indicated in the screenshot below:

A dropdown will appear. Select the “Filter messages like this” option:

The filter setup will appear. The “From” address will already be filled in. Click “Create Filter”:

On the next part of the filter setup, check the “Never send it to Spam” option:

Make sure the “Also apply filter to X matching conversations” option is checked as well:

Finally, click “Create Filter”:

The last step is to add our email address to your contact list. Once again, open the email and click the options icon:

To add our email address to your contact list, click “Add to Contacts list”:


On the main screen of your Gmail app, click the Options icon:

Scroll down and click “Settings”:

Click your email address:

Click “Manage your Google Account”:

Under your picture and email address, swipe right and click “People & Sharing”:

Click on “Contacts”:

On the next screen, click on the multi-colored plus button:

Add [email protected] to the email field:

Click “Save”