Adam Schiff wants to quit Congress for California AG position

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the anti-Trumper who led the Democrats’ first impeachment effort of President Donald Trump, is making moves to further his political career.

Axios reports that Schiff has been “quietly lobbying” California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) to become the state’s next attorney general. 

“Schiff is quietly lobbying Gov. Gavin Newsom and his allies to appoint him California’s next attorney general,” the outlet reports, citing “people familiar with the matter.”

Pelosi approves

President Joe Biden has nominated Xavier Becerra, the current attorney general of California, to be the head of the Health and Human Services (HSS) agency. Becerra had taken over for Kamala Harris back in 2018, when he was appointed by Newsom.

Now, with Becerra moving on to HHS secretary, the California attorney general seat is once again open. And, apparently, Schiff wants in.

Schiff’s lobbying does come as somewhat of a surprise considering that there have been reports indicating that he was being groomed to take over for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) when she decides to call it quits. Perhaps, that fell through.

But, whatever the case may be, according to Axios, Pelosi is on board with Schiff becoming California’s next attorney general.

“House Democrats would lose a powerful party voice in the U.S. House and temporarily give up a seat in their slim 221-211 majority,” the outlet reports. “Nonetheless, Pelosi has given her approval to Schiff’s bid, a clear sign she thinks she can manage without him.”

It’s just a stepping stone

Schiff’s ambitions do not stop with the California attorney generalship either. According to Axios, Schiff plans on using the California attorney general role to position himself for a U.S. Senate run.

Axios reports that Schiff specifically is eyeing the seat that is currently held by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). Feinstein is 87-years-old, and many believe that she is nearing the end of her political career. She has yet to announce if she will run for reelection in 2024.

What we don’t yet know is whether Newsom is on board with Schiff’s plan. Breitbart reports that Newsom is currently facing a serious recall effort, meaning that it might be too risky for him to appoint someone like Schiff. Newsom can, perhaps, win back some support by turning Schiff down.

But, most of us can probably agree that someone ought to put a stop to Schiff’s plan.

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25 Responses

      1. Not only is Schiff a scum bag, but every Dem in Congress, the Senate and States/Cities full fill that same roll! Scum Bags of America. Unfortunately Biden/Obama/Harris are selling our beloved country and in the process of destroying what America Stands for. This is their way og gaining control of the American Government indefinitely. The Biden Family is now lining their pockets again with Communist China’s money. Mitt Romney’s son is also involved with Hunter Biden!

    1. Until Republicans learn how to prosecute and jail some of these law breakers it will continue (impeachments without evidence or due process, voting irregularities without follow-up investigations to verify the presence of fraud, etc.). And these cases should go to civil court and tried by US citizens, not Congress. And any case tried by Congress should be followed by a civil trial where the accuser is now having to defend himself for BREAKING THE LAW!!

    2. One down and 220 more to go, but that is just wishful thinking on my part. It will never end. there are people in house and senate that are just as big a liar as Shifty is.

  1. How can a guy like Schiff run for AG in California? Well I guess when you have Newsome on your site and you are good in lying you will have his support! Schiff belongs in jail!

    1. This bum Schiff should be facing jail time regardless of his desires. If he broke the law he should be convicted and jailed, not just given a slap on the wrist like they did with the lawyer who was convicted of changing email content!!

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  3. Yeah, he will fit right in with the pathetic governor there in California. Shiff is a pathetic lower than low scumbag of a person & has never accomplished anything in he career for the American people

  4. Anything to rid Congress of that viper. Then only the people of California will have to put up with this excuse for a human being. Wishing him the worse possible things that could happen to him for the rest of his miserable life.

  5. Adam Schiff is not capable of responding to anyone. It seems that he is, once again, begging for someone to give him some guidance, which he would likely refuse.

  6. I realize things are screwed up in CA, but what we DON’T NEED (but probably deserve) is Adam Schiff as AG. Didn’t he do enough damage to the country as a whole once before?? He is a conniving politician who makes problems for others and is loose with the truth -, but doesn’t accomplish much.

  7. shifty adam should be in prison……a criminal as attorney general…….that is rich…..true california AG material….look at all of the quality team Biden’s controllers put together for him from the great state of California ROFL!!!!! A true band of thieves!!!!!

  8. If newscum has a brain( very unlikely) he won’t give shiff the job, plus isn’t newscum about to be recalled? He won’t want to make waves, but “ aunt Nancy” will tell him to put shiff in, rats cling together, until they don’t. Then the “ feeding frenzy” begins!

  9. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN – thank goodness he is gone. I pray for the California American citizens – they are going to need our prayers if that evil Communist wins the election.

  10. if Shifty Schiff is CA. Attorney General in 2024, I can guarantee EVERYONE Donald Trump will not be allowed on the CA ballot.

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