Biden admin. “actively looking” at negative COVID-19 test requirement for all domestic flights

You may soon have to get a coronavirus test to travel.

Reuters reports that the Biden administration is “actively looking” at whether to mandate COVID-19 testing for all domestic flights in the United States. 

It’s true

This news comes by way of Dr. Marty Cetron. Cetron works for the Centers Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as the director for the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine.

On Tuesday, Cetron spoke with reporters who asked him about whether there are any plans to implement COVID-19 testing requirements for domestic travel.

According to Reuters, Cetron said that there are “conversations that are ongoing and looking at what the types and locations of testing might be… We’re actively looking at it.

“We realize that there’s been a dramatic evolution and increase in both testing platforms and testing capacity,” Cetron added. “I think this is a really important part of our toolkit to combat this pandemic.”


This comes after President Joe Biden asked U.S. agencies to make recommendations to his administration about whether “impose additional public health measures for domestic travel.” Here, Biden was referring to both land and air travel.

It now appears, as stated by Cetron, that one of those recommendations may be requiring travelers to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test. Such a requirement is already set to go into effect this week for international travels.

Breitbart reports that this Tuesday a mandate from the CDC is scheduled to go into effect that will require travelers entering the United States via plane to show proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test. This mandate will apply to all travelers over the age of two.

“If you plan to travel internationally, you will need to get tested no more than three days before you travel by air into the United States and show your negative result to the airline before you board your flight,” the CDC announced.

What’s next?

In related news, there is an ongoing project being led by Microsoft, Oracle, and the Mayo Clinic that is trying to find a way for businesses, airlines, and countries to be able to check to see if an individual has received the coronavirus vaccine.

It is a small step from requiring negative test results for international flights to requiring negative test results for domestic flights to requiring proof of vaccination.

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12 Responses

  1. Open borders Now How high is the covid-19 death count going To rise… Is this Joe Biden’s Covid plan For more Americans to die… Remember The American people have become the enemies of the Democratic Party According to them…. And what better way to get rid of us

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  3. He and this admin are willing to let illegals into this country without any testing, quarantine but we, the American people have to be tested and possibly vaccinated to fly. What a load of BS if I ever seen any

    1. JT, you do know we are talking about an IDOIT!!! He Joe Biden can’t make you get the vaccine. He can write all the mandates he wants, but there are laws that are put in place for people that can’t or don’t want the vaccine. If he wants the illegal aliens to come in this Country they should be tested before they cross the border, if positive, turned around and go home!

      1. Biden can’t force you to take the vaccine but they themselves said they couldn’t but Amazon, Costco, etc can. All they have to do is tell them do not sell or allow you in their stores without a mask and the shot. You can not get on a plane, train, or bus without the shot. They tell these companies to implement it and there you go. Your real choice, get the shot or be punished. That exactly takes the mark or you can not sell or buy. suggest you go to and check out his video’s on end time prophecies.

  4. Amen to above posts! Are the “ illegals” wanting to flood across our southern border bieng tested? Are they recieving the vaccine before entering? Apparently not! Who knows what infections they are bringing in? Does joebama care? NO!!!!

  5. Does this mandate apply to people who cross the southern border illegally from Mexico and other countries to the south? How will they get the vaccine 3 days prior to entering the our country when they have no idea what day they will cross over? I am curious what will happen when the “wall” is taken down. Will Biden and his agents enforce this law on Illegal Immigrants?

  6. This is a sick old man, requiring Americans to show proof of being tested and vaccination before air travel. But open borders for Illegal immigrants by the 10’s of thousands with no testing or vaccination. Close our borders first Joe and Kamela Harris before all kind of disease comes across to the US. I have no problem testing or proof of testing on flights coming into the USA, but illegals need to be stopped at the borders first.

  7. If Biden is worried about covi then why let all those sick infected illegals come here this president is sick ,he’s not my president. I wood pick Hitler before him

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised when they showed themselves smiling getting the “covid” shot on T.V. if the needle had a B12 in it. I doubt they are taking that vaccine.

  8. Joe the dictator is at it again, Joe Biden even said only Dictators rule by Executive orders. So he is even telling what he is — Stalin —-Hitler he wins that race.

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