Biden fails to talk Manchin into supporting H.R. 1, ending the filibuster

It appears that President Joe Biden’s attempt to turn the screws on Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) didn’t work.

Reports indicate that Manchin still opposes both the Democrats’ election overhaul bill, H.R. 1, as well as eliminating the filibuster. 

ABC’s Ben Siegel reports, “@Sen_Joe Manchin tells @rachelvscott he supports the John Lewis Voting Rights Act but not the more expansive HR1 – and still opposes the filibuster on voting rights issues.”

Siegel also quotes Manchin as saying, regarding eliminating the filibuster, “if you do it for one time you basically destroy the Senate as we know it.”


This week, President Biden has been meeting with members of Congress in order to try to talk them into supporting some of the Democrats’ radical legislation. On Monday, Biden specifically met with Manchin.

Manchin, at the moment, is one of the most powerful senators in Congress. This is because Democrats, with only a 51 to 50 lead in the Senate, need all of their senators on board if they are to have any chance at getting their legislation through.

Manchin, however, has been a roadblock, since he has refused to support some of the Democrat more radical ideas, including H.R. 1 and eliminating the filibuster.

Biden’s failed attempt to work on Manchin came as the Senate committee this week held a hearing on whether or not to send H.R. 1 to the floor. Republicans, during the hearing, argued that H.R. 1 amounts to nothing more than a Democratic power grab, and Manchin, for the most part, seems to agree with Republicans on this one.

“How in the world could you, with the tension we have right now, allow a voting bill to restructure the voting of America on a partisan line? I just believe with all my heart and soul that’s what would happen, and I’m not going to be part of it,” Manchin said last month.


Manchin and Republicans are also trying to reign in Biden’s sprawling multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure proposal, something else that Manchin discussed with Biden this week.

Manchin, previously, called for a more “conventional” approach to infrastructure.

We’ll see where this all goes, but, it’s pretty safe to say that it will go where Manchin goes, and right now that is nowhere.

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  2. ya know, biden, the US executed the Rosenbergs for less than the treason you, Hillary and barack have committed. Am I the only one to seriously want to pursue you traitors?

    1. The Rosenbergs and their treason happened when we still had young people and Americans who had brains enough to see what is happening with the greedy Democratic party and how much more of our government they want to destroy!!! We need to clear those against our America out of our gov. and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!! I cannot believe that there are still so many Americans that cannot see what is happening in this country ~~~~Hopefully we can get this mess cleared up soon and retake our government from the idiots in charge now!!!

      1. Yes! Its sad the dis! Connection. People have that don’t know ANYTHING! I have talked to several people. They don’t even know why the price of gas went up! I mention the shut down of the XL PIPELINE. THEY ANSWER: WHATS THAT? SAYS IT ALL! CLUELESS! AMERICA?

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  4. Why is it that no one seems to be remembering the peace and prosperity that we had under the leadership of President Trump. When are we going to start concentrating on all the good that we enjoyed, Including the freedom of speech that we are fast losing under the Biden dictatorship. And many thanks to Senator Manchin for having the courage to fight for what’s right and just for our Republic.

  5. Thank You Senator Manchin for standing up for what is right for the American people and our country

  6. The scary part is 49 other Liberal Senators feel different than Manchin. That’s 49 plus VP.
    Is Manchin the only sane Liberal in the USA?

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