Big Tech insider exposes “digital totalitarianism”

Allum Bokhari, a senior technology correspondent for Breitbart, has just exposed how “Big Tech” is controlling Americans, what he is calling “digital totalitarianism.”

Bokhari has just released a book on the subject called, “#DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election.” There, he uses inside sources at Facebook, Google, and Twitter to make his case for the reality of “digital totalitarianism.”

But, he recently sat down with the Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson to give Americans a little preview of his book, and what he has to say is alarming.

Big Tech has “seized control”

Bokhari began by explaining to Carlson how Big Tech has “seized control of democracy.”

“I’ve been following the activities of these Silicon Valley tech giants for nearly five years now, and I have no other way to put it, we are in an era of digital totalitarianism,” he said. “We’ve somehow allowed a handful of unaccountable corporations to seize control of political discourse, and in the process seize control of democracy.

We all, have course, have seen the sort of censorship implemented by sites like Twitter and Facebook. That’s wrong, of course. But, Bokhari says that the problem is much worse than that.

“This is not just about people getting banned,” he said. “We all know people get banned on social media — that is just the tip of the iceberg. The really terrifying stuff is what’s going on behind the scenes, and that’s what these sources have told me about.”

The role of critical race theory

Bokhari proceeded to give Carlson one example of the sort of thing that he is talking about, something called “Machine Learning Fairness.”

“This is Big Tech’s attempt to merge the fields of computer science on the one hand, and Critical Race Theory on the other,” he said.

Bokhari explained: “Because these people control the algorithms that are going to control almost every aspect of our lives… They control whose messages are allowed to be seen, whose political movements are allowed to go viral and gain momentum, even whose businesses are going to be successful.”

And, according to Bokhari, these people are the same people who believe in Critical Race Theory. In other words, Critical Race Theorists control the tech giants who, more or less, run the world.

“That’s digital totalitarianism,” Bokhari concluded.

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