Calls to defund NPR come after the outlet exposes its own bias

National Public Radio (NPR) may soon have to find a new source of funding.

Fox News reports that many are now calling for NPR’s public funding to be cut off after the outlet made its Democratic bias clear on Thursday. 

What happened?

NPR has been among those mainstream media outlets that have decided not to report on the Hunter Biden scandal – the one that seems to show a connection between Hunter’s overseas business dealings and his vice-president-father, Joe Biden.

An NPR listener named Carolyn Abbott recently asked NPR why it is not covering this story.

“Someone please explain why NPR has apparently not reported on the Joe Biden, Hunter Biden story in the last week or so that Joe did know about Hunter’s business connections in Europe that Joe had previously denied having knowledge?” Abbott asked.

NPR public editor Kelly McBride posted a lengthy answer to the question, claiming that “There are many, many red flags in that New York Post investigation.” She went on to claim that “Intelligence officials warn that Russia has been working overtime to keep the story of Hunter Biden in the spotlight,” which has been proven false, and she questioned the involvement of people like Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani.

But, here’s what really got under people’s skin: McBride wrote that “the biggest reason you haven’t heard much on NPR about the Post story is that the assertions don’t amount to much.” And, she added this quote from NPR Managing Editor for News Terence Samuel:

We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions. And quite frankly, that’s where we ended up, this was … a politically driven event and we decided to treat it that way.

“Don’t want to waste our time”

Following this response, people began calling for NPR to lose its public funding, wondering how reporting on a story that seems to show corruption at the highest level – corruption by a man who might soon be our president – could be a mere distraction and not worth our time. Among them was Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC), who wrote a letter to NPR president and CEO John Lansing.

“Just because NPR finds the Biden news a distraction doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Any true journalist would seek to expose the truth, comb through the documents, and report on the corroborating evidence – not call it quits,” Duncan wrote. “The news and corroborating emails and texts surrounding Joe and Hunter Biden will have vast implications on our country should the former Vice President win the election. If Vice President Biden was beholden to China when he served in the White House, how could the American people ever trust him again? Our nation deserves outlets that report the news – not outlets who believe they are the arbiter of truth.”

Duncan continued:

The American people see right through the bias. They know exactly why organizations like NPR, Google, Twitter, and Facebook are censoring unfavorable news on Joe and Hunter Biden. It’s because the Trump Presidency broke your profession and now you have shuttered all credibility. You can’t have it both ways – you can’t choose to report on the fake Steele dossier and not the real Hunter Biden scandal. If you think you can have it both ways, you deserve to operate on your own dime.

“Your organization is among a whole host of mainstream media outlets that have proven not to be dedicated to reporting unbiased news to the American people,” Duncan concluded. “While other outlets do not receive taxpayer funds, NPR does. Because of such willful neglect, NPR should not receive another cent from the taxpayers.”

We agree with the congressman. It’s plain as day that taxpayer money shouldn’t be going to an outlet that is self-admittedly working for the Democratic party.

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