China, Russia are leading Iran deal discussions

America is on the sidelines as world powers meet to discuss reviving former President Barrack Obama’s Iran deal.

In fact, not only is America on the sidelines but, as Breitbart reports, China and Russia appear to have taken the lead in these Iran deal negotiations. 


This past week representatives of China, Russia, Iran, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany met to discuss the possibility of reviving the Iran deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Obama’s Iran deal lifted sanctions on Iran in exchange for Iran agreeing to cut back on its nuclear program. Former President Donald Trump scrapped the deal because it was ineffective, and Iran wasn’t following it anyway. Instead, Trump replaced the Iran deal with economic sanctions that have crippled the Iranian regime.

President Joe Biden has vowed to try to get American and Iran back into the Iran deal, but Iran has been unwilling to even consider such negotiations until the Biden administration removes all sanctions placed on the country by the Trump administration.

Iran appears to have been emboldened by a recent deal that it entered into with China, a deal, which it appears, could help protect Iran from the kind of economic sanctions imposed by the Trump administration.

The latest

Conspicuously absent from the discussions that took place in Vienna was America. The Biden administration did send special envoy Robert Malley there, but Iran has made it known that “no negotiations will take place between the representatives of Iran and the United States.”

Breitbart reports that “Malley is staying in a separate hotel in Vienna from where the Iran deal talks are occurring and appears to have met only with officials not privy to the negotiations, including representatives of the Austrian government and the International Atomic Energy Organization (IAEA).”

While America is on the sidelines, China and Russia appear to be running the show.

“The #JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) participants took stock of the work done by experts over the last three days and noted with satisfaction the initial progress made,” Mikhail Ulyanov, a Russian representative, wrote on Twitter Friday. “The Commission will reconvene next week in order to maintain the positive momentum.”

Wang Qun, a Chinese representative, said, “All parties have narrowed down their differences and we do see the momentum for gradually evolving consensus,” adding:

The justified request of the injured party, rather than the offending party, should be confirmed and satisfied first. This is a basic right-or-wrong question. The U.S. should lift all sanctions against Tehran and on this basis, Iran can resume full compliance to the nuclear deal.

Negotiations are expected to continue next week after Malley is due back in Washington. The Biden administration appears to have gotten America into a fairly weak position here. Next, we ought to expect the Biden administration to be pressured to enter America into another lopsided agreement with Iran. The question will be whether Biden caves.

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7 Responses

  1. Biden and his cohorts are too weak to go up against China and Iran. Watch him cave. Biggest mistake America ever made was to put this wet suit in the White House.

  2. He has already caved! That was obama’s Plan, a nuclear Iran! They will have a bomb in less than a year!

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  4. USA should not give in to what Iran wants. If it does, the more it shows the weakness of this new administration. Let us continue with our own sanctions on Iran and if China and Russia partnered together, let them. It is their right but we got to stick to our own to show them we have a backbone and not change because of their partnership.
    Iran did not keep its words that is why ex-Pres. Trump had put up the sanctions on it.

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