Chinese state media publishes instructions for Biden

Joe Biden, the mainstream media’s president-elect, is already getting orders from Beijing.

Breitbart reports that the Global Times, which is the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) propaganda machine, recently published an article with three main instructions for the Biden administration. 

The Biden administration, of course, is only a possibility at this point, with the results of the 2020 presidential election not being made official and President Donald Trump not conceding. But, the Global Times writes that “Biden is, irrevocably, the 46th U.S. president,” before proceeding with its instructions for the Biden administration.

Things are going to be different

The Global Times sets the tone for its article by stating at the outset that, from a Biden administration, it will look for “a new course of policy interventions” that is “categorically different from the inertia displayed by Donald Trump’s team.”

The CCP, according to the Global Times, would like to work with the Biden administration to help America overcome the coronavirus. But, it warned that “Demonizing China or slinging dirt on Chinese people will never help to stop the flare-up of infections and fatalities in America.”

“China’s experiences are impressive in curtailing the pandemic, and China’s unparalleled ability in manufacturing PPEs and producing vaccine vials and freezers should not be neglected and could be made use of by the Biden government,” the Global Times writes.

The CCP, according to the Global Times, would also like to help America with its economic problems. But, it insists on Biden “tossing out the old-fashioned and selfish ‘America First’ doctrine” and “restoring multilateralism and cooperation with the whole world – particularly stopping the reckless and brutal ideological and economic fight between US and China, which many have likened to a new ‘cold war.'”

The Global Times suggests that it would also be necessary for Biden to do away with the tariffs that have been placed on China by President Trump.

“So the incoming Biden administration needs to ponder its new policies, to reverse the course of the tumultuous policies of the past four years trumpeted by Trump,” the Global Times concludes.

Looking forward

As Breitbart reports, the instructions to Biden from the CCP are clear: “Obey Beijing, do not challenge China’s assumed economic superiority, and open your domestic markets without restraint.”

What is unclear is whether Biden, if he does go on to be the next U.S. president, would follow these instructions. It would be reasonable to suspect that he might. As former State Department official Christian Whiton said during a recent interview on Fox Business, Biden, throughout his political career, has worked toward establishing “globalism and sending U.S. manufacturing to China.”

“The one time Joe Biden was really instrumental in legislation was in giving permanent normal trade relations to China and letting into the World Trade Organization,” Whiton noted. “So I hope he turns over a new leaf and realizes we’re dealing with a very different China.”

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