CNN admits crime is possibly the Dems 2022 “kryptonite”

Crime is shaping up to a winning issue for Republicans in the upcoming elections, and the Democrats know it.

Breitbart reports that even CNN this past week admitted that Crime is the Democrats’ “kryptonite.” 


If you read the news, then chances are that you know that the crime rates are up in major cities across the country. What’s important is the context in which these crime rates have been rising, and that context has been an attack led by the political left on law enforcement.

The left’s anti-police rhetoric ramped up during the summer of 2020 following the death of George Floyd in police custody. The Democrats used that incident to push for police “reform,” which for many Democrats simply meant the eradication of police.

The reader will likely remember the prevalence of the “defund the police” rhetoric. And, some of America’s more liberal cities actually put that rhetoric into action by literally taking funding from police departments and using it elsewhere. The Democrats’ claim is that, if only money and other resources are put into crime-ridden parts of the country, then crime will go away.

This anti-police push from the left has led to somewhat of a crisis in policing. Police officers have been leaving the force in large numbers, and, among those who have remained, morale is said to be low.

And, while all of this has been going on and more, the crime rates have gone through the roof.

The Democrats’ “kryptonite”

It’s pretty clear that the Democrats have a major problem on their hands with the 2022 midterm elections, and they know it, as evidence by CNN’s report.

As CNN notes, polls have shown that the issue of crime is very important to Americans. The outlet, for example, cited a Washington Post/ABC poll which found that for 59 percent of Americans the crime issue is either “extremely” or “very” serious. What’s more is that the poll also showed that most Americans, don’t want to “defund the police” but to increase funding for the police.

Other polls have suggested that the majority of Americans don’t believe that President Joe Biden can do anything about, for example, the increasing homicide rate.

The Republicans have, of course, been trying to capitalize on all of this. The Democrats, on the other hand, have offered varying responses. The more radical Democrats have adhered to their anti-police agenda, while the less radical Democrats have backed off that agenda.

CNN’s report claims that if the Democrats are going to have a chance in 2022, the party’s leaders need to do a better job silencing the more radical, “outspoken voices.” We’ll have to see how that works out.

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