Democrats threaten succession – media turns a blind eye

With Donald Trump as president and the Senate currently controlled by Republicans, the Democrats have not been getting their own way. But, some have come up with a way to fix this problem.

Breitbart reports that, in recent weeks, the idea of heavily Democratic states seceding from the United States has reemerged.

The argument

Among the leaders of these talks about seceding is progressive author Richard Kreitner, who has written a book on the subject. Kreitner recently participated in an interview with The Nation where he discussed his book and this idea of secession.

There, Kreitner explained that the book “came from this late-Obama-era moment where the thought occurred to me just based on things I’d been reading: What if the United States broke apart? Would that be such a bad thing? Is it possible that the progressive policies and programs that I wanted to see put into place might be easier to enact in a smaller entity than the United States, with its 330 million people and the need to always convince people with very different attitudes and interests?”

Kreitner went on to say that the rhetoric of “hard-core abolitionists,” who back in the 1800s wanted the northern states to secede in an effort to undermine slavery, has appealed to him. “That rhetoric really appealed to me in the fall of 2016, when Trump won, and it was like, ‘Wow, is a country that elects Trump possibly worth saving?'” he said.


Going back to that glorious year of 2016 – when that Democratic presidential candidate who had the election in the bag opened up that bag on election night to discover that it was empty – it was after Trump’s victory that talk emerged of California seceding from the union.

At the time, it really became somewhat of a popular idea. So much so that Kevin de Leon, the President Pro Tem of the California Senate felt the need to remind his fellow Democrats that secession is not the way to go.

“Many Californians – some tongue-in-cheek, some hand-to-heart – have advocated withdrawal,” he said. “But, in America, no state ever succeeds by seceding.”

For whatever reason, this talk of California seceding from the United States died down, until recently.

Looking forward

We’ll see, should President Trump be reelected, whether there is a group of Democrats that really does make a push for seceding. Lanny Davis, the Clinton adviser, seems to be on board.

But, this whole talk of secession just goes to show what kind of people these Democrats are. They want their own way all the time – they don’t want to have to tolerate opposing points of view and they don’t want to have to convince people with whom they disagree that their way is better.

Just like the teenager who runs away from his or her “oppressive” home, these Democrats want to run away to create what they think will be some kind of utopia. They ought not to forget, though, that the teenager almost always returns because life at home wasn’t that bad.

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