Dems push to end Senate filibuster to pass gun control, in wake of Colorado shooting

Several Congressional Democrats are currently pushing to end the Senate filibuster so that they can pass what they are referring to as “common-sense” gun control measures. 

These Democrats are using the recent Colorado shooting in order to make this push.

Before that shooting took place, House Democrats had already passed several pieces of gun control legislation, including one that would require universal background checks. The problem for the Democrats, however, is that they do not have enough support in the Senate to overcome the Senate filibuster, or the 60-vote threshold.

Accordingly, the Democrats are attempting to use the emotional atmosphere following the Colorado shooting to gain enough support to get rid of the filibuster.

“Commonsense legislation”

One of the Democrats that are making this push is Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI). She did so on a recent appearance on MSNBC’s “Deadline.” There, she was asked by guest-hose Alex Wagner whether getting rid of the filibuster is “on the table” in order to pass gun control legislation.

“I would say so,” Hirono said. “It’s not just this issue, of course, on gun violence, but so many other matters that should be taken up. Note that the [$1.9 trillion coronavirus] rescue bill did not get a single Republican in either the House or Senate. So you can see the kind of obstructionist tactics that the Republicans will likely employ. I’m open to making changes so that Mitch McConnell and his caucus cannot block all of this progressive, meaningful legislation.”

A similar stance was taken by Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX) on Tuesday during an appearance on CNN’s “New Day.”

“We need to do away with the filibuster,” Escobar said, again speaking about getting gun control measures passed in the wake of the Colorado shooting. “What we’re seeing happening in America is Republicans in the Senate are more interested in eroding voting laws and increasing gun rights when really it should be the other way around.”

She continued: “We need to look at making sure that we have safe communities and that people aren’t afraid and terrified of going to the grocery store or going to a school. And the majority of Americans support common-sense gun violence prevention legislation, but we can’t get anything done in the Senate because a majority doesn’t rule. It’s the filibuster that rules.”

Biden is on board

Breitbart published an article this week indicating that President Joe Biden has met “secretly with historians to discuss [the] legacy of ending [the Senate] filibuster.”

Here, Breitbart was reporting on an article from Axios, in which the outlet wrote that “people close to Biden” said that Biden feels ready to put an end to the Senate filibuster in order to push through radical legislation.

The Democrats have been headed in the direction of ending the Senate filibuster for some time now. What they have been unable to do, though, is get all of their fellow Democrats on board. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), a key vote, has declared that he will “never” vote to end the Senate filibuster.

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38 Responses

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  2. It’s funny how they always want to end stuff they were always for in the past,when it goes against their narrative.

  3. Sen. Mazie Hirono and many of the other senators wouldn’t know common sense if bit them on the butt. Have these idiots ever even looked at the U.S. Constitution? the second amendment is very simple to understand as are our first amendment rights, however democrats seem to not understand that. They want to open the boarders to all kinds of criminals while taking away our ability to defend ourselves, our families and our communities. NO!

    1. Jimmy…I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and their idiot buddies like Hirono, Jackson-Lee, and others, all caught the corona virus with a terminal result.

    1. Exactly, why don’t these sh** for brains democrats and liberals just go away. That is a right this great country has that they can leave anytime to another country they like better and stay there.

  4. The dems are disgusting and they wont win. Not this one. Hirono is a pig and needs to go back to Hawaii. I detest her .
    I think there should be extensive background checks on all congress and Senate, and their people. Automatic disgrace if caught in felonies. All done by outside detective work. Not by their fake 3 letter liars.

    1. I agree whole heartily all those letters are just a strong arm for the demoncratic party. We’ve already seen how they work for pislosi and Schumer

  5. You can put the brains of everyone of the dumpocrats in a jar, shake it ,mix together and you still couldn’t find any common sense in it at all, coz their just stupid brain dead zombies

  6. Really??? This democrat refuses to see that if any of the adult victims were armed, at the very least the death toll would have been less than half and officer killed would probably still be alive. Democrats who are infringing on our rights, it doesn’t matter which, should be brought up in criminal charges and lose their seat, salary and pension.

    1. I agree that Dems should be held accountable for all lies and actions. They have wanted gun control so that Americans have to depend on a corrupt government for protection. They want to overthrow our Constitution and nation. We are headed for Communism unless we make a stand. Remember, they are only Public Servants there to serve. Americans are letting them get away with murder. We better unite and protest before it is too late. Biden even said that there may not even be a Republican running in the 2024 election – that is there ultimate goal.

  7. The filibuster was never a problem when the democrats used it. Keep talking about defending the police. Then spend millions on security for the capita lNow you want to take guns away from law abiding citizens. While you open our borders Mexican cartels and global terroriist Your stupid and illegal gun laws didn’t work back when Biden had halfo a brain and they won’t work now on the Muslim terrorist in Colorado. Prosecute the criminals and weed out the FBI. Not to mention the District Attorneys who were paid by Soros to not prosecute crime. SAY NO TO JOE

  8. They just want to read it differently the way the want it to be not the way it is. For them it is all double talk just lie enough some will believe it .

  9. This woman is stupid she needs to go back where she came from. I’m Asian decent I don’t care about this person what’s her name Senator Hinoro

  10. Hirono did not even know that it is illegal to cross our southern border Without permission from our Government. This is the kind of no nothing fools we have in Congress and the Senate. AOC thought the four branches of Government were congress, the senate and the president. I forgot the fourth branch. Maybe these nitwits should actually read the Constitution, instead of always trying to destroy the greatest country there is. We have people from all over the world who would love to come and live here because of all the USA has to offer and they want to turn our country into Venezuela.

  11. Thae FBI had this kid on there radar why was he able to purchase a gun and why are Demorats asking the FBI why. Is because it was part of there plan for gun grabbing.

  12. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over,& over,& expect different results. Does it seem odd that gun laws don’t,& never have curbed ilegal gun use!
    There are way too many gun laws as it is,& they only apply to law abiding gun owners,AKA the vast majority of gun owners!
    The democrats are scared of what will happen,as they push harder,& further against our rights. They will be in for a rude awakening one day soon. They will not crush the true Americans spirit!

  13. Hirono needs to be recalled. She also said yesterday that she would not approve for any
    position that was white. I am sick of the race
    cards, they have all expired and not up for
    reapproval. We do not have royalty in America
    the color of your skin or blood does not give
    anyone special privileges. She just needs to go home, & get a job.

  14. If the democrats were interested in saving lives, they wouldn’t support murdering babies in abortions, but they do. They don’t care about the kids who are murdered in schools, super markets, churches, or malls. They only want to “DON’T LET A CRISIS GO TO WAIST”! They only care about disarming the citizenry who they fear will someday wake up and show them what terror feels like when those traitors are executed by the people who finally tire of their Treason and there is a real blood bath. Their blood. They stir the pot and instigate and promote the riots that have happened and will happen again in the future. They don’t care about anyone unless they can use them to advance their cause of destroying America. So they keep stirring and we keep loosing. From the election fraud to murdering babies to covid to unity. They are almost all frauds and liar’s. They don’t care about you. They don’t care about me. Only the power. No matter what the cost. Just like the time before WWll. They will kill us all to get what they want. For those who can’t see it, just wait. You will see, but it’ll be too late.


  16. everyone that has any sense do not side with the Democrats on the filibuster, if you do it will be the end of America they will turn this country into a communist country and all your rights and freedom will be gone forever, you won’t be able to piss without permission

  17. Senator manchin and Senator sinema, please vote against ending the filibuster! If you vote against it the Dems won’t have the numbers.

  18. GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE — BAD PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE & THEY DON’T NEED A GUN TO DO IT!!! YOU DEMOCRATIC MORANS!! This is just an excuse to get your filibuster through!!

  19. If Escobar wants us to be safe, then stop letting drug traffickers, human traffickers, murderous gangs, and covid illegals into our country. They need control of Biden and his pen before they enact gun control and make it impossible for the Republicans to have a say in anything. The filibuster should stay to control the communist Democrats out to ruin our country with illegal immigration, spending and more pandemic shutdowns.

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