Dershowitz argues against impeachment, exposes Democrat plan

Harvard Law School professor, renowned defense attorney, and constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz, a liberal, has been working overtime to undermine the Democrats’ latest impeachment attempt of President Donald Trump.

Dershowitz on Monday argued that the Senate trial portion of the planned impeachment of President Trump would be unconstitutional while also exposing the real reason that Democrats are pursuing it. 

Dershowitz on impeachment

The former Harvard Law professor made his argument during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity.”

“All the Democrats want to do is simply impeach him,” Dershowitz said. “They can do that. All you need is to have the votes, the majority, and [Alexander] Hamilton warned against impeachment simply by having the majority. But, they don’t want to actually bring it to trial.”

Dershowitz explained that the Democrats, here, are looking to have an “accusation hanging over” President Trump, likening the situation to “a prosecutor indicting somebody for a serious crime and then saying, ‘But we’re not going to give you a trial where you can prove your innocence.'”

Dershowitz went on to explain that, at this point, a Senate impeachment trial would be unconstitutional. According to Dershowitz, the impeachment trial is for the sole purpose of “removing somebody from office,” and since President Trump would be out of office by the time such a trial took place – January 20 or 21 at the earliest – it would not be possible to remove him.

The only other possibility here is that the Democrats are pursuing an impeachment trial to prevent President Trump from ever running for office again. But, according to Dershowitz, “you can’t just have a trial designed to disqualify him from running in 2024.”

Dershowitz’ take on the “incitement of violence” claim

The impetus for the Democrats’ impeachment effort is the riot that occurred at the U.S. Capitol building on January 6th. They have blamed President Trump for “inciting” the violence that took place with a speech that he gave beforehand, and it appears that this will be the main thrust of their impeachment argument.

Dershowitz has stated that he doesn’t personally agree with Trump’s actions leading up to the riot. He, however, has repeatedly argued that what President Trump said is constitutionally protected speech.

“This has happened 100 times at the Capitol,” Dershowitz said. “That’s quintessential American political rhetoric protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.”

Take 2

Despite all of this, the Democrats are expected to go ahead with impeachment attempting to impeach President Trump for the second time. Dershowitz was a member of President Trump’s defense team for the first impeachment trial, and he has said that he “would be honored to once again defend the Constitution against partisan efforts to weaponize it for political purposes.”

President Trump, reportedly, is considering naming Dershowitz and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani to his defense team.

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23 Responses

  1. There is no evidence the president Trump committed an impeachable act. He did not incite violence. that was a set up to accuse the president. Pelosi wants him out of office before his time is up, because of her and others guilt of Treason, and other crimes they can be charged with. They are the one that need to be impeached. I am ashamed of the corruption in the USA government for what, love of money they stole from the tax payers and power. All I can say is God have mercy on your souls because God said himself in his Holy Word, he would destroy the evil and corrupt people of the world. That is not what I said but what our creator said in his Word.

  2. The Democrats have no charge to impeach our President with. Just something they trumped up!!! Which does not hold water!!! Sorry, all of you sleazy, corrupt Democrats, BUT there is no impeachment – no matter what you say – BECAUSE you do not have any real charges to base anything on!!! On the other hand, we continue to try to stop the steal with the fake election. Now we will be having a fake president because Joe Biden did not WIN the election. It as stolen for him. And you can’t have a real president when the election has been stolen!!! STOP THE STEAL!!! So we will continue to remind you that we intend to stop the steal!!!

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  4. Piglosi is scared to death and she should be! Disgusting treasonous drunk. Dems are so scared and America knows they’re guilty of a coup. They WON’T get away with any of this! Prison is all that’s in their future!

  5. I cannot believe that we, as American citizens have allowed this tragedy of American Politics carry on so far! The vile and power hungry Speaker of the House has shown her uselessness Far Too long and we cannot allow it to continue to carry on. She and Chuck Schumer and their squad of demons must be taken down and since the GOP has always been in bed with the other crooked politicians, we want change! Thousands of GOP money donators will leave and form a Third Party for the American People and eliminate these useless thieves at the polls!

  6. Amen! Piglosi is loosing what is left of her mind,( if she had much to start with) trying to stop President Trump from running again, but—— I think her efforts are all for naught. Something else is going on. Is it the fear of what may be discovered on those laptops that were supposedly taken? An impeachment trial after the fact would not stop President Trump from running again. You can’t impeach a government official after they have left office, and you cannot impeach a citizen! She is grasping at straws, and tearing the demonrat house down in the process. Something has her running scared! Hmmmm! Wonder just what that might be! Will we ever know?

  7. I want a list of the disgusting Republicans that voted against trump. We must get rid of them next election. The gop is dead as far as I can see. Trump needs to start a real conservative party. No rinos allowed.

  8. I believe that the Democrats pay to the mob because they knew that the Republican were are going to stop the Biden to be recognized for President elect by fraud and steal the Trump 2d term. They used the covi-19 for excuse and to steal the elections. They know , but they don’t want recognize. Mr Trump is non guilty. They are guilty for all the fraud happen.

  9. Boy o Boy The Dems are loosing it. I don’t live in the USA and am NOT a citizen of the USA. Just looking from outside. Why are so many people looking to implement failed ideas to take the USA down to a third world country. I like how President Trump has acted and how many jobs he has created for the American people, why can’t all Americans see the truth? You all need to control the tech giants who want to control not only your country but also your minds.
    Praying that the TRUTH will prevail and sense rule in the end.
    Asa friend of mine who also likes President Trump says no matter what the opposition does if God wants Trump to be the President nothing that satan and his followers do will succeed.God Bless

  10. Amen Amen to all of the comments here! Hallelujah, please God take control and destroy all the dem-o-evils! Make our country great again! Peace!

  11. I believe the dem s have plotted so horribly. They wanted power and money so badly. These are very dirty nad people. They don t care about us little people. Look at Pelosi at not voting for stimulus because fragile Joe wasn t president yet. That s murder and also the destruction of their livelihood. This was a big plan far worse orchestrated by dems….a dirty plan that i know will be discovered in the end.

  12. The only one that have committed impeachable crimes and misdemeanors are Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Nadler, waters, swalwell., Schumer, McConnell and every other democrat and every rhino . LET THE IMPEACHMENTS BEGIN.

  13. Yes, the charges are not supported by the facts. Their hatred for the president has been obvious since day one of his term. Any other citizen would definitely have much proof to file a hostile workplace suit…and win. Shame on these career politicians who have forgotten who they really work for,..the people of this country.

  14. Congress is a problem that has been out of control for many years. Our founding fathers one error was to not install term limits. Congress has been the auctioneers of our country to the CCP. We have mentally incapacitated, criminally evil children running this country.

  15. This is just another sham- means nothing. Dems should be working on their jobs, but I doubt there going to accomplish nothing but trying to change Trump’s outstanding efforts but will ultimately hurt the country’s economy and standing with the rest of the world. They are despicable from top to bottom and are communist paid traitors, including some on the Supreme Court, especially Roberts who should resign In Disgrace. Democrats = communists and each one in government should be investigated and jailed. Drain the smutty Swamp!

  16. I have been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thank you, I’ll try and check back more often. How frequently you update your web site?

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