Don’t expect another coronavirus relief measure from the Dems anytime soon

It appears that Americans ought not to expect the Democrats now in charge to make good on their promise to provide economic relief from the coronavirus anytime soon.

Punchbowl News reports that the Democrats in Congress believe that they will not get a chance to pass another economic relief package until at least March. 

In @PunchbowlNewsAM — Democrats do not expect to be able to send @JoeBiden a Covid relief bill until early March,” tweeted Jake Sherman, the outlet’s founder, on Wednesday.

Biden’s plan

This comes after Biden, last week, revealed a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief measure.

The plan included everything from financial aid for struggling state and local governments to direct cash payments of $1,400 to individuals to the extension of unemployment benefits to the providing of rent relief, food assistance, and small business aid. It truly is a massive package.

What the package did not do is galvanize Congress. Other than some far-left lawmakers bickering over whether the direct payments ought to be in the amount of $1,400, $2,000, or $2,000 a month, lawmakers have not really said a whole lot about Biden’s coronavirus relief package.

Accordingly, no one really knows when another economic relief package is coming or even if one will. Congress, at the moment, has no immediate plans for one.

Do you realize that you’ve been cheated yet?

This is the type of question that America’s voters will likely be asking themselves throughout the presidency of Joe Biden.

One of the main thrusts of the Democrats’ political campaigning – what likely earned them the presidency and the Congress – is precisely their promise to provide economic relief to Americans.

Now, however, the Democrats have the power to do just that and they are not. Not only are they not providing the promised economic relief, but they are not even providing the American people with a reason why they are not providing that relief.

You know what they are doing instead? Trying to stop former-President Donald Trump from ever becoming president again. The new Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) said as much on Tuesday.

Will those who vote Democrat ever realize that their leaders repeatedly lie to them in order to get elected?

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20 Responses

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  2. This is just the beginning.. We will be screwed without so much as a kiss, for the next four years.. Get used to it !!

  3. We need the help they sit up there in there nice offices and there nice millions dollar homes and we sleep on the street the money is needed NOW NOW you guys are nothing but a bunch of hypocrite that lie stop the lieing PLEASE.

  4. Lieing=Democrats! Nothing new and definitely no shock! Just pray 4 more years we can get things turned around! I wouldn’t be telling anyone if I was a Democrat, hard to say what pain you will receive!!

  5. Why should they help us? They got what they were after, now we get to pay the price! They could care less about us, they are getting their big bucks paychecks for doing NOTHING but lying to us! Biden thinks we don’t deserve to know what he is up to, and we are not deserving of the help we all need! BUT—— the illegals flooding in will damned sure get all the help THEY need and then some!

  6. I knew Trump was our only hope, when he was nominated. God had chosen him, but the American Voters denied Gods wishes. So now we have an evil leader, and will pay the price!

  7. Every Democrat in Congress should be forced to leave from pressure of their constituents.
    They caused more havoc, property damage and 1000s of murders.
    Claiming it was a peaceful protest.
    The Democrats were totally responsible.
    They did not let Trump bring in the troops to quell the RIOTS.
    Democrat Governor’s and Mayors let their cities and state burn.
    The Mayor of NYC. Allowed the criminals to mistreat the police.
    Now they have defunded the police and murders are skyrocketing.
    NYC is no longer a safe to live or visit.

  8. Why can’t Congress give that decision cause they are to tied up in the witch hunt of Trump fact of the matter they lied they always lie that’s what politicians do but it was so important to get Trump out so we could get a criminal and lier in charge for the smart ones that voted Trump like myself sorry to see whats coming for you idiots that voted Biden believe his lies and get what you deserve a government that does absolutely nothing but line thier own pockets screw Biden and congress maybe it’s time to wipe them all and start over again

  9. The democrats only won those 2 Senate seats in the Georgia because they promised a relief package to the American people.You see how vile and dishonest they really are. They STOLE the election and now they STOLE the trust of the American people.

  10. So the dirty dems won’t get to a stimulus package before March because they will be busy impeaching a President even after he’s left office.I’ll bet that they find time to take care of all the illegals that cross the border carrying covid 19 into our country.This President and his whole administration are a TOTAL DISASTER.

  11. In my lifetime it started with FDR. the great lie divide and conquer. the great lie we are the ones who know what is best for you.

  12. Another demonRAT lie! For me,this is the last straw as for as working with ANY political party! From now on I am merely an American who WILL survive by tending to the needs of myself and my family through relying on my upbringing and life experiences and my abilities AND capabilities! To those that disagree with this…..I WILL SURVIVE.

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