Don’t expect schools to open back up anytime soon under Biden

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) just put out its latest statement on reopening schools.

In an appearance on the Fox News Channel’s “Fox News Sunday,” CDC director Rochelle Walensky claimed that “a lot more resources are needed” before children can be allowed to go back to school.” 

“They need space, they need to de-densify their classrooms, they need staffing, they need nurses, another layer of mitigation would be school screening to keep folks safe even after vaccination,” she said. “So I think we need a lot more resources in order to get the schools safe.”

She continued: “If one of the things that’s really been emphasized in the school reopening is how unsafe some of our school ventilation systems are. That’s a problem not just for SARS-CoV-2 but for other respiratory viruses, for children with asthma, for exposure to mold. I think that there’s a lot of work that we need to do in order to get our children, our schools’ safe environment.”

That’s a curious shift

Walensky had previously made headlines in January, saying, schools ought to reopen soon.

“Current data from schools, from summer camps and whatnot also suggested that the children not only have decreased rates of symptoms, but have decreased rates of transmissibility,” she said.

This, though, was problematic for the Biden administration. So, White House Press Reporter Jen Psaki claimed that Walkensky made this remark in her own “personal capacity” as opposed to in her role as CDC director.

Now, though, with this latest statement, it appears that Walensky has got the memo from Biden. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the infectious diseases expert who is the White House chief medical examiner, also got that memo.

In an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Fauci too claimed that “more resources” are needed to get kids back in school. He further claimed that President Joe Biden’s coronavirus stimulus bill would provide those resources, suggesting that maybe kids will get to go back to school when such a bill is passed.

This is the Biden administration’s latest strategy . . .

. . . to deal with school reopenings. The problem for Biden is that, politically speaking, he needs the support of teacher unions, and those teacher unions have made it clear that they do not want kids back in school.

This is problematic for the Biden administration because it has promised to follow the science. And, science has shown us that kids are not particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus and that coronavirus cases, in general, are on the decline. On top of that, it has been found that, with schools closed, mental health problems among kids are on the rise.

So, the Biden administration now appears to have decided to try to deal with this situation by convincing the American people that schools simply do not have the resources to open back up, that more money is needed to solve the problem. We’ll see if America’s mothers and fathers buy that. But, for now, it doesn’t look like kids will be going back to school anytime soon.

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22 Responses

    1. Exactly – typical lying dumocrap. Wonder how much the dumocraps paid her to spout that garbage. The parents should get together, open the school doors, and if they have to, teach the kids themselves – forget the “teachers.”

      Numerous actual doctors have said that kids are not at risk, and that schools should be open. If the schools aren’t going to open, the school districts should have to repay the taxpayers who have been paying for closed schools and non-working teachers.

    2. hey all you hard working people how do you feel that teachers demanding better conditions or they will not return to school. Are you kidding the teachers and administration want to stay home collect their pay checks and just a fun day. I bet if you would stop wages the teachers would be back in school the next day. Our schools here in florida have been open since september, yes we have a case here and there but is caught and taken care of and school continues. What cann’t other school district open because they do not want to.

    3. Home schooling will produce a more educated child these days than these overpaid crybabies will ever produce and 2nd bonus! No INDOCTRINATION!

  1. What the he’ll is the matter with you sick people by not opening the schools for the kids. This is hurting our kids mentally and physically!!!!!!!!

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  3. My grandkids are in school as many more across the states. This is bs They have been for sometime taking Reasonable precautions. This is all the righteous left to damn lazy to do their jobs that they signed contracts and still wanting pay. You want a paycheck go to work

  4. Anybody who believes Biden is a fool!! He is going to keep schools closed and the economy locked down! Teachers who don’t want to go back to work, in a union or not, should be fired immediately! Put parents in the schools to teach, they can teach the fundamentals; and at least the children would be taught and not indoctrinated!

  5. Remember the big lie that Joe Biden was preaching before the election… saying he had a big plan for covid-19 but it’s not going to reveal it until he’s elected…. he got heat because of it when people started saying why are you going to wait until you’re elected help us now…. now we find out his big plan with no plan at all… well except to claim what Trump has done

  6. Democratic solution to all problems, throw more money at it! We need a president like Trump who stopped throwing away money and found real life solutions.

  7. Here in Florida Schools reopened in August, every once in a while we get a update from the school if someone contacts Covid and all that may have been effected. ( usually the person contacted it while not in school, the parent kept them home , while waiting for the results, so no one else is infected) But so far the reopening of our schools has been a great success!

  8. Why work when they all get paid. Union & Biden in bed together. It’s a shame all us hard working tax payers don’t have them options. They just think we’re stupid.

  9. You’ve got what you asked for by allowing Biden to steal the election. Always sitting back waiting for someone else to stop this. Now do something or stop whining about the things he does. America is dead and it’s because no one is willing to fight for their country. Now we have none.

  10. The teachers dont want to go back to there jobs. They will still get a pay check so why go back to work. Well there are still other teachers that are smart enough to know that the unions are corrupt. So, why not hire new teachers screw the teachers union. They are letting g them teach communist propaganda. Its time to change to teachers that want to teach American Values FIRE THEM ALL

  11. You idiot Dumbocrats voted for this incompetent, senile old A-hole. Now we all get you reap what you idiots have sown. He doesn’t have an original thought on this crisis situation! He’s only going to do what his masters in the teacher’s unions tell him to do and to longer those lazy a-holes can stay off work and still get paid the happier they are! You pinko commie Dumbocrats elected a puppet; an empty suit that will destroy our economy and our country!!! Hope you’re happy! You hated Donald Trump enough to put Obozo the second in charge!!!

  12. The people needing to be “de-densified” are the ones keeping the kids away from school. And also the ones that make up stupid words like “de-densify”.

  13. More resources needed or wanted. Yep, they want more money to go back to teaching again. Much nicer to stay home and draw a paycheck without having to work for it, right?

  14. LIAR, LIAR, LIAR pants on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all we hear about Biden not doing what he said he was going to do even when he said he knew what to do!! Schools need to be opened, Biden & his team who thought they knew so dam much when they criticized Trump about schools, they know nothing. Idiots!!!

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