Dr. Fauci’s delivers bad news on face masks

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the infectious diseases expert who is now President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, is at it again.

Fauci on Friday said that Americans are going to be wearing face masks “for several, several months,” Breitbart reports. 

The latest

These most recent remarks from Fauci came during an appearance Friday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” There he talked about the usage of masks going forward, given that coronavirus numbers seem to be improving.

“There’s still going to be the important need to wear masks,” Fauci said. “I think we still need to do that.”

Host George Stephanopoulos then asked Fauci to clarify how long this need would last, “a year, two years, three years?”

“I’m not so sure it’s measured in years, George,” Fauci replied. “But, I think until we get the level of virus to such a low level in the community, and I had said a projection — and it’s only a projection — that hopefully by the time we get all the people vaccinated, let’s say 70-85% of the people vaccinated, the level of virus in the community could be so low that you could start pulling back a bit on what are stringent public health measures.”

“You don’t want to do it all at once, but I think we’re going to be wearing masks for several, several months into the future,” Fauci added.

Other face mask positions that Fuaci has held

The truth of the matter is that Fauci may amend this latest position before this article even gets published. He has held just about every face mask position that can be held, making it a necessity that he has been right on at least one occasion.

When the virus first got going here in America, which was in late winter 2020, Fauci was one of those medical experts who claimed that wearing face masks would only facilitate the spread of the virus. He later changed that position.

Just recently, Fauci claimed that wearing two face masks was “likely . . . more effective” than wearing just one. But, he has changed this position as well, now saying that there is “no data” indicating that wearing two face masks would “make a difference.”

Now, Fauci believes that Americans should wear face masks for “several, several months” regardless of whether or not you have been vaccinated, a belief which he admits is “paradoxical.”

At this point, many Americans would likely be happy to wear a mask for “several, several months” in exchange for removing Fauci from the public scene.

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4 Responses

  1. All of you at the Cobservative Institute need to do your jobs abd get the truth about face masks. Then use wgmgatever pressure you can muster to make it public and bring charges against Fauci, HHC and CDC for false information and fear mongering.

    If you research cloth and N95 masks and their ability to prevent the spread of viruses, including Civid you will find that they are useless do to the extremely small size of vitus droplets. There have been 8 or 9 major studies on thus issue and all came to that conclusion. I am talking about major scientific studies that had 2,000 or more subject in each study, two of which were completed during 2020. The most recent study containing 6,000 subjects actually had more of the mask wearing subjects come down with Covid than the non mask wearing group. Do your homework and do your part to expose the fear mongers and bring them to justice.

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  3. It will not be long before this fraud doctor tells us the way to get rid of face masks and lower the number of cases is for all of to stop breathing. I think this is the only position this non science “scientist” has taken in 12 months. If he would have listened to REAL Doctors who have treated REAL people who are ill with the Wuhan virus by using HQC, zinc and Zpaks thousands of people would not have died just as the Doctors have reported n the USA and all around the world. He could not do this because his partner in crime Bill Gates and him push vaccines with which the big drug companies can make a financial killing on at the tax payer expense. He has no morals and no ethics.

  4. It’s time for Fauci, WHO, CDC, etc, to get their story straight. Fauci and the CDC, the American people have lost faith in. Because you have changed your dam story to many times. The WHO/CCP & Gates, it’s to the point that we the people are tired of mask, they don’t do any good they don’t stop crap, or slow down the virus, not unless you have a respirator. Or give me the science behind every mask in the United States that it stop anything.
    Also give me the Science around the virus and it’s not a disease it’s a virus. The number are not there. So tell Fauci to stop bull crapping the American people. He needs to be fired. He help develop this virus, he has the patent on everything covid. So let stop paying a man that made a mint off the American people. For being the top paid Civil services employee. He needs to be tried for treason against the United States. Since he works for our government should the patent belong to the United States.

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