Expert: U.S. is heading for one of its worst illegal immigration years ever

Here is something that will likely come as no surprise.

Breitbart reports that President Joe Biden’s first year in office is predicted to be one of our country’s top ten worst years for illegal immigration. 

The prediction

The man who is making this prediction is Princeton Policy Advisor Steven Kopits. According to Kopits, he expects over one million border arrests to be made by the end of 2021.

“For the calendar year as a whole, we are projecting 1.2 million southwest border apprehensions, much as we have for the last two months,” Kopits writes.

If Kopits turns out to be right about this, then he says that it would make 2021 one of the worst years for illegal immigration ever – in the history of the country.

“This would make Calendar Year 2021 among the ten worst years for illegal immigration in US history and place us squarely back into Clinton-era numbers,” Kopits writes.

Some perspective

The last time that the United States saw anywhere near 1 million border apprehensions was all the way back in 2001, twenty years ago. During that fiscal year, the country saw nearly 1.3 million southern border apprehensions.

As Kopits noted, we saw similar peaks throughout the 1990s, particularly during the presidency of Bill Clinton. And, prior to that, we saw numbers that high for a brief period during the 1980s.

The simple fact is that if the current trend continues, then Kopits will be proven right. Just in May, for example, America saw more than 172,000 southern border apprehensions. That is a roughly 700 percent increase over May of 2020.

And, there has not been anything to suggest that the Biden administration is taking any steps to slow this illegal immigration down.

The border crossings first picked up in late 2020 with the prospect of a Biden presidency, considering that Biden was campaigning on more open-border-type policies. One of his first moves as president was to, in effect, implement such policies by revoking many of the immigration policies of former President Donald Trump. This approach has landed America in a southern border crisis, a crisis which the Biden administration has appeared uninterested in solving.

And now, it appears that the country is on the path toward historically bad illegal immigration.

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  8. The U.S. is heading for the worst, period, with Biden in the White House! Things are already getting pretty bad!

  9. Once again at the G 7 conference, Biden seems more interested in condemnation of China, for forced labor practices targeting China’s Uyghur Muslims and other ethnic minorities, rather then their constant flow of spies being used to penetrate businesses, companies, schools, military structures, here on our home front. Where are the US priorities? What are the Federal Agencies doing to stop, this thief, invasion, technology, financial resources, we have open borders. Why is this not considered a National Security Violation? Our Laws are being broken. This is not going to end well.

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