Fox loses to CNN and MSNBC for the first time in decades

Something historical recently took place in cable news.

The Daily Wire reports that Fox News, for the first time in two decades, found itself in early January towards the back of the pack in terms of television viewership. 

It’s true

Those who keep an eye on such things will know that the Fox News Channel, more or less, always leads the way on cable television: it always finishes ahead of its competitors, particularly CNN and MSNBC. To drive the point home, Fox was 2020’s most-watched network on basic cable, an honor that it achieved for the fifth straight year.

This was not the case, however, for the week of January 4th through the 10th. The cable news viewership numbers for that week were recently released, and, believe it or not, Fox finished behind both CNN and MSNBC.

During that week, Fox managed about 1.7 million viewers per day with about 3.2 million viewers during the primetime hours. MSNBC, however, drew 2.3 million viewers per day, with 3.8 million during primetime. And, CNN, of all networks, led the way with 2.8 million viewers per day and 4.2 million viewers during the primetime hours.

This was the first time since 2000 that MSNBC and CNN beat Fox in terms of viewership.

What’s going on?

With such things, it is hard to put one’s finger on one particular cause. More likely is that several causes contributed to Fox’s poor performance.

The Daily Wire, for example, suggests that CNN and MSNBC’s viewership was probably up because during that week both the Senate runoffs and the Capitol riot took place. There is little doubt that there is likely some truth in this. But, this alone probably wasn’t enough to do it.

Another likely cause is that conservatives are no longer relying on Fox anymore like they used to. In fact, many conservatives have decided to boycott the network altogether, and for good reason.

Breitbart’s John Nolte has provided a nonexhaustive run down of the ways that Fox has betrayed its conservative base just in recent months. Nolte writes:

Just for starters…

The disgraced Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace rigged the first debate between President Trump and His Fraudulency. The disgraced Fox News Channel lied about rigging the debate, lied about Trump not denouncing racism. The disgraced Fox News Channel laughs at their own viewers when it thinks we’re not looking. The disgraced Fox News Channel rigged Election Night. The disgraced Fox News Channel blacklisted President Trump. The disgraced Fox News Channel released one rigged poll after another.

Nolte documented each one of these points for those who may think that he is either lying or bending the truth. As a result of these actions, conservatives have been getting their news elsewhere, including Newsmax, a much smaller conservative network whose ratings have been steadily going up in recent months.

To make a long story short, both the viewership of CNN and MSNBC had to go up and the viewership of Fox had to go down for these left-leaning networks to beat out Fox. And, that appears to be what happened. What can we say other than Fox deserves it.

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44 Responses

  1. Sorry Fox.. You did our President injust.. how can we trust you to report what’s true….
    Only traitors switch sides like some of our Senators.

    1. They are guilty of & responsible for our President Trump losing & pushing LYING EVIL Joe Biden. They can take their “News” & shove it. I do like & respect Mark Levin, found him on Parler, which I pray will be on again very soon, now hope to find him on rumble. Big Techfrom Twitter is destroying our Free Speech, we must find a way to stop them!!

  2. Wow! Could Rupert Murdoch’s kids possibly be responsible for that???? Tell those woke idiots to go back to the drawing board before they completely tank the network! The infiltration of more lib contributors are not helping the cause AT ALL!

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  4. They and their left wing producers brought it on themselves. Now Rupert has come back to bring left wing soft to the news station thinking that will fix it. It won’t. He allowed his children to destroy a once great conservative news station. That’s gone now and in it’s place are the soft left people all over his news station. So long Fox News. You did it to yourself.

    1. Newsmax, The Blaze, Bill O’Reilly podcasts….The best… I only miss Tucker, Judge Jeanine, Levin and a few of the others like Greg Gutfeld and Jesse. I record them and speed through the commercials.

  5. At this point I would love to. Seethe Judge, Carlson, Hannity and others all quit and move to new more conservative channels. But i also understand they are being paid millions to do there shows.

  6. Fox News has had too many left-wing apologists for too long… has to stop 🛑🙏 🇺🇸🗽

  7. When Chris Wallace is gone a few of us will return. You have him give his
    biased opinion a dozen time a day or more, I can not mute that often.
    Cavuto should have stayed on Sat AM with the stock market. Juan’s opinion
    is given too much on most shows including the five. He is not an expert on anything so why to do have him as one???
    I am tired of hearing the Jan.6 was a riot by Trumps extremists or something
    worse and all the mobs, burning, and looting was mostly peaceful, never
    mentioning they tried to burn a federal building with men blocked inside.

  8. Chris Wallace and Juan Williams are a disgrace to Fair and Balance, The reason I have stop watching Fox. You were my news only.

  9. Carlson is still worth watching, he is intelligent, objective, and tells it like it is…

    Hannity is the proverbial clown, the day he stops interrupting all of the people he interviews and the day when he stops talking about himself will be a day to watch.

    Lou Dobbs is the best.

    1. I hate it when they invite someone to come on to their show and then not let them talk about what they were introduced on the show for. Hannity is too full of himself. Tucker hardly ever does this.

  10. I don’t watch Fox News except for Tucker. Fox Business is the channel I watch in the morning and then again for a couple of hours before Tucker comes on!
    It’s not that I’m “into” the business part, it’s just that I like the personalities on that channel.

  11. Yes, FOX let too many Liberals in and Chris Wallace was the worst. It just leaned too far Left . Their constant attack on Trump never ceased and , truthfully, the Election coverage was a disaster. I switched to OAN and NEWSMAX and they have better coverage and guests of current affairs.
    Shame as it was such a great station to get one’s news but, truthfully, I
    really do not miss them. GET RID OF WALLACE ! He is NOT fair and balanced.

  12. Not much to watch anymore. Newsmax not bad but the liberals will infiltrate them just like they did FOX. In the next 4 years look forward to more censorship, lies and fake news to direct your thoughts.

  13. I’ve switched to News Max, OANN (One America News Network) and Blaze TV. If you have internet, get Pluto TV (it’s free). You can watch all sorts of conservative news. Not biased like Chris Wallace and FOX.

  14. I’ve switched to News Max, OANN (One America News Network) and Blaze TV. If you have internet, get Pluto TV (it’s free). You can watch all sorts of conservative news. Not biased like Chris Wallace and FOX.
    Liberals ruin everything they touch. You cannot fix stupid!

  15. When you call an election before all the votes are in, and when you are rude to a sitting president (Chris Wallace during the presidential debate) this is the least of what you can expect. You can kiss of 75 million viewers – but the 75 million viewers can kiss you off back. Do you get it?

  16. Watch Varney and Maria B on Fox news in the am to get idea of what’s happening but not for long. Then watch the end of local news with weather and sports in the evenings.

  17. Fox News is now like AOL. Just lie about President Trump and anything conservative. Both should be ashamed.

  18. Fox finished last because they showed their true colors. They got bought by the left and conservatives went to other outlets to get the truth. They only saving grace for Fox is Tucker Carlson.

    1. I agree. Tucker Carlson is the last best hope. The left is making noise about him, which means pressure will be brought to bear on Fox.

  19. I understand what all the comments are saying about Fox News. I too, noticed some people that I thought were teetering on the fence, finally show us that they were going towards the liberal side. I absolutely loved Fox News and I even liked that they had fair and balanced by having some people of different thinking on the show. But when I noticed the ones that I thought were true conservatives beginning to side against Trump, that bothered and worried me. Not that I want anyone to lie for Trump or anyone. But neither do I want to see the constant attacks on Trump…. he gets way more than his share on all the other stations. I liked Fair and Balanced… but it started really leaning way too far left. I can go to CNN to watch that kind of chatter.
    I still have my favorites on Fox… more than those , than the ones I don’t agree with. But I agree they better be careful or they will just be abandoned like we abandoned CNN CBS ABC and all the others that are way too far to the LEFT>. We have too many on that side, Fox needs to remain faithful to the viewers, tell the truth but don’t embellish and insinuate untruths about Trump. He has far too many against him. We conservatives want Fox to be Fair in their news reporting but don’t give it an extra shove toward the left. Please.

  20. If you would just give us the News and i mean the Truth, Do not add words or take away words when someone says something . We want the Facts and the truth. Also give us all the news , not just what you want. Fox you need to change your ways.

  21. FOX needs to get rid of several people before it can recapture its position. included are Chris Wallace, Donna Brazille, and Juan Williams. They must also minimize including liberals spewing their talking points.

  22. Could it be that when Fox added Paul Ryan to their Board things began to become more RINO and more liberal. Then when the Murdoch kids took over, it got even worse.

  23. As Foxes Mantra, I believe in the effort to stay fair and balanced Fox News lost its way well before the pre-election. The reason being is they spent so much effort in repeating endlessly everything the leftist would say, do, and did that brought more attention to the left side of the house which downplayed everything from the right. There was barely any effort to report on other issues unrelated to the election that people would have liked to know about. Good or bad. Everything report was political. Fox bombarded the public with all the negative in their world. Positivity became non-exsistant. They were patient with hope then finally had they had enough!

  24. Fox shot themselves in their own foot. They mistakenly thought they owned the conservative viewers. WRONG. You hired too many leftists, at least one who cheated in the 2016 debates. And you turned on President Trump. OAN and Newsmax were very willing to pick up the viewers you no longer cared about. So the Murdoch kids and Paul Ryan’s strategic and ideological thinking put you in last place where you obviously belong.

  25. I hope the rumor of President Trump starting a TV/Radio station is true. There are a few, very few, on fox that he should take. fox is a distant memory to me. Had a good ride while they were upstanding.

  26. We no longer watch Fox because of its betrayal of President Trump. Chris Wallace and Juan Williams made no secret of their devotion to Old Joe, or of their disrespect for Trump. Over the years their contempt, somewhat masked at first, became more obvious. There is now no reason to prefer Fox over the other biased television providers.

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