Fox’s Gutfeld: blue state migrants “are bringing their bad ideas with them”

The Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld just asked an important question, namely, “Will the blue state exodus bring bad ideas to the red states?” 

The answer to that question, as we shall see, will have a tremendous impact on our country going forward. But first . . .

. . . some background info

Gutfeld touched upon this issue during the opening monologue of Tuesday’s edition of “Gutfeld.”

“As we report on the crisis at the border, we’ve overlooked a crisis between our borders,” Gutfeld said. “Domestic migration.”

As Gutfeld pointed out, Democrat states have lost a sizeable number of residents. California, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Illinois, for example, all Democrat states, lost a combined 4 million residents.

At the same time, the most recent Census Bureau report shows that Republican states have gained a large number of residents. Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, and Arizona saw some of the biggest gains.

What this points to is a clear trend of Americans leaving blue states for red states.

The good and the bad

On a shallow analysis, this appears to be a trend that is favorable to Republicans. Because of the blue state exodus, for example, several blue states, including New York and California, have lost representation in Congress, while several red states, including Florida and Texas, have gained representation in Congress. This, of course, also means that red states have gained electoral college votes while blue states have lost electoral college votes.

So, the trend would appear to be in the Republicans’ favor. But, the key question, as Gutfeld pointed out in his monologue, is “what do these new neighbors bring with them?”

The assumption is that people are leaving blue states because they do not like blue policies, whether it be heavy taxation or gun control or whatever. And, one would think that, accordingly, these migrants will vote Republican. But, this might not be the case.

There is, in fact, every possibility that these blue state migrants will bring their blue policies and blue voting with them. And, if they do, then there is a very real possibility that they can turn red states blue in future elections. And, if that happens, the Republican Party, at least as we know it, could be doomed.

So, we shouldn’t be celebrating the blue state exodus just yet.

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4 Responses

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  2. Blue states idiots bring their stupid blue state stupidity with them to our red states they will be run out of my state. You like your blue states crap you stay there. Your not welcome in our red states. Your submission to communism is not wanted. Get back to your red state and fix it. Had enough of your thinking we will change. Not happening. Go back to California and New York, Michigan, any hell hole state you came from.

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  4. Well Repubs, if we know there is a chance of turning solid red states purple or blue, what is the plan to educate the transplants? Let’s be proactive instead of reactive and whining about it.

  5. If you come to a red state don’t bring your blue crap with you. That’s why you left the blue states. Live free in red states.

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