GOP congressman apply pressure to Twitter over tech censorship

Two GOP congressmen are putting some pressure on Twitter.

The Washington Examiner reports that Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Ken Buck (R-CO) are asking Twitter to turn over documents related to any censoring that the Big Tech outlet has done. 

“Dear Mr. Dorsey:”

Jordan and Buck made their request in a letter that they sent to Twitter chief executive officer Jack Dorsey on Thursday.

“Big Tech, especially Twitter, Inc., is engaged in systematic viewpoint-based discrimination,” the congressmen wrote. “In the unfortunate phenomenon of ‘cancel culture,’ Twitter plays a leading role in silencing and censoring political speech of conservative Americans.”

Jordan and Buck go on to list as examples Twitter’s decision to “throttle” the New York Post’s pre-election report on Hunter Biden, showing a potential link between Hunter’s overseas business dealings and his father President Joe Biden. The congressmen also cite Twitter’s decision to permanently suspend former President Donald Trump’s account.

“If Twitter can do this to the President of the United States, it can do it to any American for any reason,” Jordan and Buck wrote.

The document requests

The House Judiciary Committee, according to Jordan and Buck, has been examining “the size, competitiveness, and role of social media companies.”

It is to this end that the Judiciary Committee back in July of 2020 asked Twitter to provide various documentation. But, according to the two congressmen, Twitter has refused to do so, and, since then, “Twitter’s conduct has only become more brazen.”

Now, Jordan and Buck are re-requesting documents from Twitter. They include documents related to “decisions made by Twitter over the past year for users located within the United States, including which Twitter rule or policy the user allegedly violated and the content of the moderated tweet.”

The document requests also include “all documents and communications referring or relating to Twitter’s decision to apply a ‘fact check’ notation to President Trump’s May 26, 2020, tweets concerning mail-in,” and, “all documents and communications referring or relating to Twitter’s decision to apply a notation asserting that President Trump’s June 23, 2020, tweet concerning an autonomous zone in Washington, D.C. violated Twitter’s policy against abusive behavior and threats of harm against an identifiable group.”

What now?

Jordan and Buck gave Dorsey until March 18th to comply. It is unclear whether the outlet will do so. If past experience tells us anything, it is probably that Dorsey will not.

But, it is time that Congress start taking action to reign Big Tech in. At the very least, their Section 230 liability protection ought to be revoked. Let’s hope that Jordan and Buck’s letter is an indication that Congress will at some point in the near future will take up the issue.

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21 Responses

  1. It is about time that Congress do something with that media companies.They are negative for the American people’s. They are not a Gods.


  2. If he refuses to hand over the documents, then shut him down. Shut Twitter and Facebook down until they do!

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  4. Twitter is such a simple application and I don’t understand why nobody makes a similar texting application to run independently and compete. That way it will allow free speech to be real and not censored by a bunch of communists.

  5. Frankly, don’t belong to twitter. While I have an account with facebook, never post. My interests are not for others to judge. Yes, I’m seriously considering the lesser know sites that believe in free speech. Stop frequenting these sites, also Amazon and Google. It will be tough for some, but we will all be better off.

  6. Section 230 will never be revoked under the current Congress. The Dems control everything now and it’s really sick. They and the RINOs actually want Big Tech to continue with their censorship because there will be more news coming about all of their participation in nefarious deeds of varying kinds..which would completely expose them and they want to remain in power, control and to continue to make big cash from their corporate friends.

    1. next nov We the people need to make sure the the house and the senate in controlled by REPUBLICANS THE BELIEVE IN MAGA

  7. to many days to late and very short. Trumps’ only defense against the lying fake news, the MSM and the 4 attempted coups from the democrats was the tweet and of course BIG TECH a bunch of east indian CEO and snowflakes who were offended by the truth.

  8. Face book, Twitter, Amazon should be shut down period! They have overstepped their bounds in censoring everyone they disagree with!

  9. I’m tired of hearing people say “something has to be done” but it never is, so I applaud these two congressmen for at least beginning “something”. Aren’t the American people deserving of their freedom from the Big Tech tyrants?

  10. Congratulations Florida for presenting their solution to the “Big Tech” nuisance by prohibiting censorship of Florida’s citizens on pain of large fines and possible jail time. Texas is also considering such bill in their legislature.

    1. ALL states should implement these laws. This is a direct violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America! There should be very serious legal repercussion for this and these companies shoud be prosecuted for these violations.
      Every U. S. politician vowed to uphold all laws of the constitution when they were sworn into office and it’s high time they started upholding their end of the deal!

  11. Big tech cuts off any American who supported trump like us veterans not just in social media but now in our meds! And I’m a combat vet!

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