GOP Rep. introduced bill to hold rioters financially responsible

One congressman just introduced a bill that, quite frankly, makes a lot of sense.

Fox News reports that Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) has introduced legislation that would make rioters “financially liable for the cost of federal policing.”

The Bill

Introduced on Thursday, the bill is being called the “Support Peaceful Protest Act.”

One of the things that the bill would do is to stop rioters from getting enhanced federal benefits, including, in Banks’ words, “that $600 a week that these people are making, to be professional protesters at night.”

Banks recently appeared on Fox & Friends Weekend where he talked about the bill.

“I looked around that night and I thought who are paying these people to show up every single night and protest and cause violence in the streets,” Banks said. “There are probably a lot of left-wing groups, and George Soros type groups that are funding it, but if you think about it so are you and I through our tax dollars that go to the enhanced unemployment benefits that these people receive.”

“They shouldn’t receive it any longer if they’re found guilty of causing violence and riots in the streets,” Banks added.

The final straw

Banks, here, was referring to Thursday night, the night that President Donald Trump spoke at the Republican National Convention (RNC). It was on that night that dozens of Republicans were harassed by a mob that had gathered outside of the White House.

Banks told Fox that he decided to sponsor this bill after constituents of his were harassed while attempting to leave the RNC.

“When I saw this happen to friends of mine walking out of the White House on a historic night, they came to see the president, one of the best presidents in a lifetime speak at the White House, they never could have imagined what they would be met with when they left the White House that night,” Banks said.

It makes sense

Banks has stressed that he fully supports peaceful protests and that the bill would only target those found guilty of participating in violence or in riots.

This bill is a good idea. Those responsible for the destruction should be forced to pay for it, and this in turn might prevent such people from engaging in such behavior in the future. But, with Democrats leading the House, this bill is, unfortunately, not likely to go anywhere.

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