“Hillbilly Elegy” author: corporate donors are driving illegal immigration

According to JD Vance, the author of “Hillbilly Elegy,” it is not so much the politicians who are responsible for America’s illegal immigration problem as the corporate donors who have control over these politicians. 

Vance explained what is really driving America’s Southern border crisis in an interview that he recently did with SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Daily. 

Two Problems

During the interview, Vance highlighted two things about the immigration debate that have really bothered him. One is the role that corporate donors – mostly on the left but also on the right – play in encouraging illegal immigration.

“I’ve heard [corporate donors] talk about this when they don’t think anybody’s listening … they want cheap labor and they don’t care what consequences follow for their own country so that they can get that cheap labor,” Vance said.

And the second thing that Vance said bothers him is that these same people use the charge of racism to silence those who point out the negatives of illegal immigration.

“The second thing is the way that they use the charge of racism to silence American citizens who just want to live in a safe country, in a country with good wages, in communities that don’t have a ton of heroin and meth,” Vance said.

He continued:

I just find this so disgusting, it’s so vile because it takes something that is good about America, our compassion for our fellow citizens — that racism charge silences them for fear of offending people, for fear of coming across the wrong way, for fear of being painted as somebody who doesn’t care about the other folks who live in your country and it does it at the service of those corporate donors who just want cheap labor.

“It’s just such a disgusting thing to take what’s best about the American people and the American citizen and turn it around on them so that they don’t push back against these corporate donor policies,” Vance concluded.


Vance’s interview comes as reports indicate that the Biden administration is releasing thousands of illegal immigrants into the United States. Illegal immigration numbers are up across the board largely as the result of the new immigration policies of the Biden administration.

While this has been going on, both congressional Democrats and some Republicans have been pushing different amnesty plans that would create a path to U.S. citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States.

Democrats in the House this past week already passed their amnesty proposal. It is unlikely though that any amnesty plan would be able to survive the Senate filibuster at the moment.

What is hard to understand is how any congressional Republican can support these amnesty plans. Based on what Vance had to say, we now know why.

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