House Dems. are getting ready to pass a massive election reform bill

This week, the House of Representatives will vote on an election reform bill that, as Breitbart reports, would be “the biggest overhaul of U.S. elections law in a generation.”

The bill is H.R. 1, which is also known as the “For the People Act of 2021.”

Some specifics

Given that the bill is nearly 800 pages long, we couldn’t possibly cover all of its provisions in this article. But, Fox News, in a recent article, highlighted some of its more striking provisions.

According to the outlet, H.R. 1 would create “automatic voter registration,” would “expand early voting,” and it would “enhance absentee voting by simplifying voting by mail.”

In other words, the Democrats through H.R. 1 are looking to make the changes that we saw in some of the more liberal parts of the country in the 2020 election national and permanent. But, the bill is actually much worse than that.

In addition, the bill looks to establish the District of Columbia as a state, which would give Democrats additional seats in Congress. It would ensure that the voting rights of convicted felons who have served their time are restored.  And, taking aim at former President Donald Trump, it would make it necessary for future U.S. presidents to disclose their tax returns.

The Democrats claim that the purpose of the bill is to secure American elections and to protect and expand the voting rights of those living in the United States. Republicans, though, have a different take.

It’s a power grab

Sunday, in an appearance on the Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) exposed H.R. 1 for what it really is: a power grab by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the Democrats.

“This is most important for Nancy Pelosi to hold on to her power,” McCarthy said. McCarthy went on to argue that the government does need to restore Americans’ confidence in our elections, but that this bill will not do that.

Rather, Republicans argue that this bill is merely an attempt by Democrats to use their current control over Congress and the presidency to pass election laws that will make it easier for them to win future elections.

Last week, House Democrats unanimously signed on to H.R. 1, which means that it is a virtual certainty that the bill will make it through the House. Whether the bill will make it through the Senate, though, where the Democrats only hold a 51 to 50 majority is a different matter.

A House vote is expected as early as Wednesday.

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14 Responses

  1. As i see it the Democrats are destroying our constitution. The Republicans better step up their game. The Supreme Court better start doing there jobs. Or the United States will fall under communists

    1. The Republican Party WILL NOT step in because either they’re caitiffs or supporters of the Deep State.

      Unless there’s a REVOLUTION at the polls, our once great constitutional Republic will be finished. A violent revolution is likely to create more problem than it solves. witness the French, Russian, and Chinese Revolutions.

      Allowing mail-in voting, denying Voter ID, gerrymandering, allowing DC and PR to become States, allowing bundling, automatic registration, early voting, and other such progressive goals will terminate any pretense to the USA being a representative democracy.

      Get ready for the USSA.

      1. I disagree. Republican Legislatures are already pushing tough omnibus election reform laws at the state level. I fully expect Republican Attorney Generals in Texas & Florida, North Dakota, Missouri, Idaho & Wyoming to file a State Rights’ challenge to strike this down. That will be the highest priority. The more extremist Democrats become, the fiercer our opposition becomes

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  3. It is also bad for WE THE PEOPLE. We all need to get involved and join freedom organizations/ I did and communicate with your Senators or.. by phone or letters. The more people get involved the better. Don’t just sit there and say OH WELL or WHAT CAN WE DO. It is our Country and our Freedom, our Constitution and ONE AND ONLY. NEVER allow to be amended in your elections – NEVER.

  4. Why would they need a Bill to reform voting? They got the fraud part down pat. Regardless, 800 pages is way over the top of what is needed. Also, the voting laws are left to the States as prescribed by the Constitution. This is just more smack by the power hungry social democrats.

  5. This is we must expect from the Democrats and especially Nancy Pelosi and her estranged gang of misfits. The people of the United States need to have time to read how this will effect them in the future.
    We all saw how this last election was a complete abomination of the election system, but to give the Democrats a one day lead is extremely blastoma’s.

    The people elect individuals that are supposed to protect our nation. This is a document that should studied by all of our elected officials and how it effects Electoral Process. I cannot believe that all the members of the house have read and curtailed what is being railroaded through the house in record time, without many misgivings from our 2020 elections.
    We as the more level headed Party should contact as many individuals to put a halt to this atrocity by the Democratic Party.

  6. Do all the Democrat Representatives really represent the voters on this ? I don’t think so. The Pelosi Piper is leading all the sheep over the cliff.

  7. Pelosi is the most dangerous women in the country. She masterminded the Jan 6 “riot”, the impeachment (what a farce), and the election fraud under the pretext of getting rid of Trump, where all along it was to put sleepy Joe and kamrada in power, just to remove them so she becomes POTUS. So far so good, look out!

  8. Pelosi should be out of office she’s to old and should go home to the city of San Francisco and live with the homeless for awhile. She has done zero for her city

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