ICE has been ordered to ‘release’ all detainees

The Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson on Saturday revealed that President Joe Biden’s administration has ordered the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency to “release” all detainees in their custody. 

This comes as Biden works to overhaul former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. Biden has done so through a number of executive orders including one that institutes a 100-day moratorium on the deportation of illegal immigrants.

“Release them all”

What Carlson was reporting on was an internal email that was sent by ICE to its employees on Thursday. The email was in response to a question from some of these employees about the 100-day moratorium on deportations.

“As of midnight tonight, stop all removals,” the email reads. “This includes Mexican bus runs, charter flights, and commercial removals (until further notice) … all cases are to be considered [no significant likelihood of removal in foreseeable future].”

According to Carlson, the email goes on to say, “release the mall, immediately,” adding, “no sponsor available is not acceptable any longer.”

Carlson also explained that the person who wrote the email made it clear that he was just “the messenger,” that the order wasn’t coming from him but from higher up.

What’s going on here?

Following the release of this email, reports came out indicating that ICE was being ordered to release all of its detainees. And, that certainly appears to be the case – how else can one interpret “release them all?”

Breitbart explained some of the language used in the email.

“Typically, if detainees do not have sponsors in the United States, agents can hold an individual in their custody,” the outlet reports. “The memo, though, states that is no longer the case and that even detainees without sponsors must be released.”

What we simply don’t know at the moment, though, is whether ICE really is releasing all detainees. We do know, however, that the agency is following the 100-day moratorium on removals.

Some troubling numbers

Across the United States, there are roughly 138 ICE facilities where detainees are held. All-in-all, these facilities are believed to currently be holding over 14,000 immigrants. And, Breitbart reports that over 70 percent of these detainees are either convicted criminals or have pending criminal charges.

Suffice it to say that suddenly releasing all of these individuals into the public would be bad news.

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21 Responses

  1. hmmm, biden really isn’t the president, and he has no power. The United States Military is in control IAW the insurrection act. He is just playing a game on some movie set.

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  3. Don’t you idiots who don’t think Biden is sane enough to release all those criminals, murderers, etc, you don’t have to honor that bad order. Don’t do it. Have a mind of your own. Don’t listen to that nutjob Biden. They are bring held for reasons, and you’re going to release them into your neighborhood. If they kill your family I bet you would have thought, I’m not honoring that bad order.

  4. Boy, thanks Biden! Half of our jails in America are loaded with crime infested illegals and you want to release more. Wall Mart in my area if you want to get something from the Cosmetic Dept. puts it in a clear plastic box with a lock on it and the cashier unlocks it when you are checking out. This is because some Mexicans steal! It is sad that Americans have to be treated like convicts! I can’t blame Wal Mart as they probably list thousands from theft!

  5. Boy!! Someone is really paying off Mexico. Who cut the deal? “Make America Great When”! Biden is a trader, he should not even be in this country. The DC is full of non-americans. Someone knows about this rigged election~please come forward!!!!? USA needs help.

  6. If you can’t reason with the new Administration then your only alternative is to think outside the Box.
    Slow walk, demand audience, demand written directions, deviate and go on the Record.

  7. Maybe he should invite all of the ones that have high crimes, go to his house for lunch to preventing them in that time frame to commit crimes against the American people,

  8. Will the military take their orders from a paper-president? A political party that has to steal an election to get in power…I believe our military is more patriotic than most believe and will not let this circus we call government dismantle the greatest nation ever created. May God grant our military the discernment not to step off the cliff and join the “left” in places the “left” truly belong!

  9. Read the Order, ICE, Border Patrol, it does not read to release immigrants with criminal charges against them. Being an illegal immigrant is a criminal charge.
    My opinion is that anybody invading the U.S.A. is a Terrorist.

  10. Apparently Biden is not giving the orders, he is relaying obama’s Orders. So is Piglosi, though she needs no help in bieng a traitor! WHO ordered all the national guard troops to d.c.? Supposedly Trump didn’t, Biden wasn’t sworn in so had no authority to do it, that leaves traitor Piglosi! What is she so afraid of? WHY so much security? What is she up to? Something nefarious is afoot, and piglosi’s finger prints are all over it! Something is NOT RIGHT! Be wary, bad things are coming!

  11. I don’t think that American citizens
    will agreed with the Biden administration to release criminals and allows them to be free to keep
    doing what they were detained for.
    If they allowed those to do as they please, them we the citizens will do as we please against those crimials.

  12. Biden has not have a clue, all he wants to do is try to erase President Trumps orders. Biden is putting the American people in Danger, and should be impeached (Pelosi ,s Rules) People in Texas are at a BIG risk Biden took a oath to protect the American people , he is breaking that very oath. We are in great Danger.

  13. Watch crime spike up from bidens release order.. Then they’ll say it’s Trumps fault ”
    Demorats do not seem to understand the American public !!!!

  14. Well if the Biden Administration wants these people released, I propose we release them inside the fence surrounding DC. Perhaps they might rethink that policy very quickly.

  15. Or just bus them all to DC and release them there and that way they all become DC problem. 2nd choice is to take them to the States that are blue that voted for you know who.

  16. I must have written a convincing argument, that would explain why it got deep sixed. Censorship is alive and well.

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