Insider: Google went after Trump

According to an insider, Google rewrote their algorithms to go after former President Donald Trump, Breitbart reports

The insider is Zach Vorhies, a google whistleblower who has recently released a book called, “Google Leaks: A Whistleblower’s Expose of Big Tech Censorship.”

You may already be familiar with Vorhies. As the Amazon description of his book states:

Using Google’s own internal search engine, Zach discovered their six-part plan for complete information dominance and released 950 pages of these documents to the world in June 2019 with an appearance with James O’Keefe on Project Veritas, which quickly became one of their most popular stories.

Breitbart adds that the items released by Vorhies included “items from the company’s YouTube search blacklist showing direct interference in democratic votes.”

The truth revealed

Vorhies recently sat down for an interview with the Epoch Times. There, according to the Times, he explained how “Google rewrote its algorithms for news searches in order to target Donald Trump.”

During the interview, Vorhies specifically explained how Google did this during a “fight” that Trump had with former FBI director James Comey. What Google did, according to Vorhies, was change the way that news stories are ranked on Google.

“They base the score off of what the mainstream media says, and also what Wikipedia says,” Vorhies explained.

When asked by the interviewer whether this means that “media organizations are controlling the entire system,” Vorhies responded in the affirmative. Vorhies went on to explain that the speed with which stories are ranked has also been increased by Google.

“The PageRank score used to change very slowly, like the criteria was incrementally updated, without that many changes from quarter to quarter,” he said. “Now, the changes are coming much more rapidly.”

Vorhies said this is “because the authoritativeness is changing so rapidly.” He continued: “Now that we have this rapid changing of the narrative pretty much every month now, they need to have an automated way which they can… shift the definition of truth and then re-rank all the different news articles based on that.”

It’s been confirmed

So, there you have it: an insider just confirmed what many have been expecting all along: Big Tech is controlling the political narrative. And, the importance of cannot be understated.

The question now is whether anything can be done about this, and the answer remains unclear. There have been antitrust lawsuits brought against Big Tech, but no update has been provided on these cases. And, as for a legislative solution, it doesn’t appear that one is coming, despite the talk of some members of Congress.

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