It’s confirmed: Trump has changed the future of conservatism

President Donald Trump has changed the conservative movement for the good, according to Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA. 

This week, Turning Point USA hosted its sixth annual Student Action Summit, which is described on its website as an “array of events meant to energize and grow the conservative movement.” At the event, Kirk participated in an interview with Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow. The pair talked about the future of conservativism.

“The conservative movement, thanks to Trump, is now a corporate-skeptic movement, a pro-worker movement, a free speech movement, a strict immigration movement,” Kirk said. “I don’t know where the kind of corporate Republicans have a home anymore. And, I think they’re really starting to realize it, legitimately.”

The end of the “Republican party of Romney and Rockefeller”

Many conservatives have noticed what Kirk has noticed, but not all of them are enthusiastic about it.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), for example, recently made an appearance on CNN where he lamented that “Trumpism” is not going away. “I hope that we can have disagreements over policy, and a vision of our respective parties without continuing to promote a narrative which puts democracy itself in jeopardy,” Romney said.

Kirk, in his interview with Marlow, responded to Romney’s remarks, saying:

Mitt Romney said something super interesting over the weekend — which is that, ‘the Republican Party lost its soul and it’s not coming back any time soon.’ Yes, it lost the soul of your father’s party. Your father’s party was the Wuhan party, where we sent our jobs to Wuhan, that was the Republican Party of Romney and Rockefeller.

Kirk noted that President Trump is responsible for this “poetic” change.

A new age of politics

Kirk believes that these changes to the Republican party, which, again, were brought about by Trump’s presidency, are for the good.

“We are now in a post institutional age,” Kirk said. “People are more angry in institutions than ever before, because of the lockdowns, the damage of it, this CIA, the FBI, the foreign wars — now I think you’re going to see honest progressives like Glenn Greenwald and Breitbart all of the sudden agreeing that we should break up tech companies.”

Kirk went on to say that he sees the possibility of an unusual consensus being built between unorthodox Republicans and Democrats.

Kirk continued: “I actually think that there’s a lot of broad-based consensus that can now be around ending these endless wars, that can be around challenging corporate America and restoring a normal American way of life, and the corporate Republicans and corporate Democrats are going to realize, they have no infrastructure, except corporate chamber of commerce donors.”

Trump’s virtue

It is hard to deny that Trump has done a lot of good as president. But, one good, in particular, has stood out: Trump has exposed the establishment on both the right and the left. The most striking example was the president’s rejection of the most recent coronavirus stimulus bill.

As Kirk and others have pointed out, there is no going back now – try as Joe Biden and establishment Democrats and Republicans might. And, that’s a good thing. If the American government is going to recover, the establishment has to go. And, we can thank President Trump for getting that ball rolling.

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