Majority of Americans say government doing too much, new poll says

A new Gallup poll released Thursday showed that Americans are not looking favorably on government’s efforts to manage the country and want them to step back from efforts to fix the pandemic, illegal immigration, and the economy.

In the poll, 52% of Americans said they think the government is doing too much and that some of what it is doing should be done by individuals and businesses instead.

In contrast, 43% said that they think the government should do more to solve America’s problems.

Last year, a record-high 54% of those surveyed said they thought the government should be more involved in people’s lives and should solve America’s problems. This was toward the beginning of the pandemic, however.

A report card

This year’s poll could be taken as a report card on what the government has done in the last year.

Not only has it spent trillions of dollars and triggered massive inflation, but it has also imposed onerous mask and vaccine mandates and allowed over one million illegal immigrants to rush to the border by reversing policies from the previous administration that were working well to keep numbers lower.

As usual in a crisis, people want the government to rush in and solve things. After watching the government try in its usual ineffective, stumbling way to make this pandemic go away and miserably failing for the last 20 months, however, it seems the majority–particularly independents–has once again realized just how bad the government is at solving America’s problems.

The number of independents who said government was doing too much went from 38% last year to 57% this year, and was largely responsible for the poll’s shift.

For the last 20 months, independents and others saw government operatives and elected officials doing what they do best–using a crisis to gain more power for themselves and to implement all the overbearing initiatives that would cost them their positions in a less dire situation.

Now that most Americans are seeing the light again, these authoritarians will hopefully be booted out of office in the near future and further damage can be averted.

Democrats in trouble

With President Joe Biden’s poll numbers sinking and the GOP raising record amounts of money in September, it appears that Democrats’ unfettered power is about to come to an end.

Even taking over one chamber of Congress in 2022 would largely put an end to Biden’s overreach and at least preserve the status quo until the next presidential election in 2024 and by necessity keep government from encroaching any more on Americans’ lives.

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