MIT announces a change that will force Critical Race Theory upon its students

The corrupting of America’s youth is being taken to a new level at one of our country’s leading academic institutions.

Campus Reform reports that MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has now made mandatory a diversity training seminar that one student described as “indoctrination.” 

Last week, MIT distributed an email to its student body stating that each student will now have to partake in “diversity, equity, and inclusion” training if they want to continue at MIT.

“You will have a registration hold placed on your account and will be unable to register for IAP and/or spring 2021 classes if you do not complete both trainings by the Nov. 2 deadline,” the email reads.

The leftist dogmas

According to Campus Reform, the training covered such topics as the “exploitation of power”, “the definition of privilege”, and the differentiation of kinds of oppression.

Regarding the exploitation of power, the training materials state that “even if you think you personally don’t have power, you may still be participating in structural systems of power where you receive advantages or are considered the norm while others are disadvantaged or considered outside the norm.”

The section on “defining privilege” has a picture of a white man, and it states that “people may be privileged through no action of their own” and that privileged groups “have power over oppressed groups.”

And, the section on oppression suggests that organizing and taking political action is a “starting place” for “healing” “wounds from internalized oppression.”

As part of the “training” materials, students also are asked to fill out questionnaires designed, for example, to help them recognize whether or not they are privileged.

Let’s just call it what it is: indoctrination

This new practice at MIT is the exact sort of thing that conservatives have been speaking out against for some time. President Donald Trump has been doing his best to fight against this indoctrination.

In March, the president signed an executive order threatening to withdraw the federal research funding of universities who do not respect the First Amendment right to free speech. And, in July, President Trump threatened to revoke the tax-exempt status “and/or funding” of universities and school systems that “are about Radical Left Indoctrination, not Education.”

The problem, of course, is that the president can only do so much on his own. Our education system is in a mess, and, at this point, there are no easy fixes.

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