New Hampshire high school numbered and tracked unvaccinated students attending the school’s prom

What recently happened at a high school prom has some likening it to a scene out of Nazi Germany.

According to Breitbart, at this prom, unvaccinated students were “numbered” and tracked. 

What happened?

The incident took place at the Exeter, New Hampshire, high school prom. New Hampshire Rep. Melissa Litchfield posted this information on Facebook after receiving complaints from some of her constituents.

What those complaints indicated was that unvaccinated students at the Exeter High School prom had a number written on them with a marker, and then these students were tracked throughout the evening.

One constituent explained: “If they were on the dance floor they had to raise their hands after every three songs so their numbers could be recorded by other underclass students for contact tracing purposes.”

The constituents say that the school did not reveal that this would be happening ahead of time. Rather, parents were told that those in attendance would have the option to reveal whether or not they had been vaccinated.

Another constituent, the following morning, found a list of students’ names along with whether or not they had been vaccinated.

One parent also revealed that if a student tested positive for the coronavirus the “numbered kids,” that is to say the unvaccinated kids, would have been forced to miss graduation as well as senior week activities.


One of the big questions going forward is whether something like this is going to occur on a larger scale here in America.

Will people be forced to disclose whether or not they have been vaccinated? Will the unvaccinated be excluded or otherwise punished? Will vaccines ever be directly mandated? These are the sorts of questions that are being asked, and at the moment there aren’t definite answers.

Somewhat surprisingly, the Biden administration has just released some guidance for federal employees and contractors making it clear that these individuals cannot be forced to disclose whether or not they have been vaccinated. That guidance also states that vaccination is not a “pre-condition” for being allowed to work in a federal building.

So far, this has been the approach taken by the Biden administration. It instead has been different entities, in this case, a New Hampshire high school, that have been pushing the boundaries. It remains to be seen whether these issues will ever make it to the courts.

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