New poll shows Americans are angry about the current direction of the country

CNN just made a surprising admission.

According to a poll recently conducted by the outlet, a significant majority of Americans are angry about the direction of the country under President Joe Biden’s leadership. 

On the direction of the country

CNN conducted the poll over the course of about a month, from August 3rd to September 7th. In total, some 2,119 individuals participated in it, and the outlet says that the margin of error is in the range of plus or minus 2.8 percentage points.

One of the main questions that participants were asked was, “how well are things going in the country today?” The outlet gave participants four main choices: “very well,” “fairly well,” “pretty badly,” and very badly.”

Only 2 percent chose “very well,” 29 percent “fairly well,” but 45 percent “pretty badly,” and 24 percent “very badly.” These numbers, really, speak for themselves.

But, after a little math, one will find that, overall, only 31 percent have a favorable view of the direction of the country under Biden’s leadership whereas 69 percent have a negative view of it.

There’s more . . .

The outlet didn’t stop there. It went on to ask participants how they feel about the direction that the country is currently heading. Again, they were given four options: “not angry at all,” “not too angry,” “somewhat angry,” and very angry.”

Only 8 percent chose “not angry at all,” and only 17 percent chose “not too angry.” In comparison, 48 percent chose “somewhat angry,” and 26 percent chose “very angry.”

And, again, after a little math, the conclusion is that Americans, by and large, are angry: Only 26 percent chose the more positive responses, while 74 percent chose the more negative responses.

So, even with the poll’s margin of error, CNN’s poll clearly indicates at least two things: a significant majority of Americans do not have a positive view of the direction that the country is headed in and a significant majority of Americans are angry about it.

The anomaly

The weird thing about CNN’s poll is that participants don’t seem to place the blame for the poor direction that the country is headed in on President Biden. In the poll, in fact, Biden receives a 52 percent approval rating and a 48 percent disapproval rating.

Not only is this finding out of line with the rest of the poll’s findings, but it is also out of line with several other recent polls, which have shown Biden’s approval rating to be underwater. This is probably where it helps to remember that the source, here, is CNN.

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