One Democratic mayor is about to be recalled

Fox News reports that the people of Norman, Oklahoma, believe that they have obtained enough signatures to recall Mayor Breea Clark (D). 

Back in June, Clark capitulated to the mob by voting to cut police department funding by $865,000. Clark has also ordered that masks be worn at all times in public so as to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The people of Norman, however, just aren’t having it.

Threshold surpassed

After Clark’s decision to slash police funding, locals formed a group called “Unite Norman.” The group, over the past several weeks, has been collecting signatures to recall Clark and three other City Council members. A fourth City Council member that they were pursuing has already resigned in response.

On Friday, the deadline, Unite Norman submitted the recall petition to the town clerk for verification. We are awaiting the result of this process.

The minimum number of signatures needed was 18,124, which is 25 percent of registered voters in Norman. Unite Norman claims to have gathered 20,560. The group also believes that it has gathered enough signatures to recall one of the other three city council members.

If this is true, if the town clerk verifies that Unite Norman has indeed gathered more than the 25 percent minimum, then a recall election will take place in January.


Unite Norman is celebrating its success.

“What we just did was historic,” said Russell Smith, the group’s co-founder. “It’s about the issues here in this town. It’s about taking our town back. It’s about not having radicals in power. It’s about centering the shift.”

Clark, in contrast, has decided to keep quiet until the town clerk verifies the signatures.

“In the meantime, I will continue to focus on doing my job instead of worrying about losing my job,” she said.

In related news . . .

. . . Breitbart reports that 60,000 people in Michigan have come together to form a group called “Unlock Michigan.” Its aim is to collect enough signatures to repeal a law being used by Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) to issue coronavirus orders. In other words, the group is looking to put an end to Whitmer’s power trip.

It’s good to see that Americans in these two areas of the country are properly using the political process to regain control of their city and state. The people of Norman ought to be a model for other areas of the country also facing poor Democratic leadership. These mob-supporting, power-hungry officials, like Clark and Whitmer, need to learn that the people giveth, and the people can take away.

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