Police Association Rep.: Biden-Harris, “most radical anti-police ticket in history”

According to Michael McHale, the president of the National Association of Police Organizations, the Biden-Harris ticket is the “most radical anti-police ticket in history.” 

“The differences between Trump/Pence and Biden/Harris are crystal clear,” McHale stated in his speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC) on Wednesday. “Your choices are the most pro-law enforcement president we’ve ever had or the most radical anti-police ticket in history.”

Your choices

The sort of statement made by McHale about the Biden-Harris ticket, that it is the most radical anti-police ticket in history, could probably be amended to “it is the most radical ticket in history,” and still be true. Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) support one extreme policy after another, and, as McHale noted, their approach to law enforcement is no different.

“Joe Biden has turned his candidacy over to the far left, anti-law enforcement radicals,” McHale said. “And as a senator, Kamala Harris pushed to further restrict police, cut their training, and make our American communities and streets even more dangerous than they already are.”

McHale then contrasted Biden and Harris with President Donald Trump.

“Conversely, President Trump supports the creation of a national standard for training on de-escalation and communication to give officers more tools to resolve conflict without violence,” McHale said.

On “Failed officials”

At another point in his speech, McHale condemned “failed officials” who have not supported their local law enforcement in recent months.

“Unfortunately, chaos results when failed officials in cities like Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, and New York make the conscious decision not to support law enforcement,” McHale noted. “Shootings, murders, looting, and rioting occur unabated. The violence and bloodshed we are seeing in these and other cities isn’t happening by chance; it’s the direct result of refusing to allow law enforcement to protect our communities.”

McHale explained that to put an end to this America needs politicians who will have the “backs” of police officers.

“Good officers need to know that their elected leaders and the department brass have their backs,” he said.

The thin blue line is voting red

It is for this reason, McHale said, that police associations across the country have been announcing their endorsement of the Trump-Pence ticket over the past several months.

McHale concluded by asking the American people to “join the hundreds of thousands of members of the National Association of Police Organizations and support the re-election of President Donald J. Trump.” I’m in.

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