Poll: Majority believe Pres. Biden isn’t really in charge

Is President Joe Biden really calling the shots? Check out what a newly released poll has found.

Breitbart reports that a Trafalgar Group/Convention of States Action survey has found that the majority of Americans believe that someone other than President Biden is running his administration. 

The numbers

The poll was taken between June 23 and June 25th. 1,086 likely 2022 midterm election voters were asked, “Do you believe President Biden is fully executing the duties of his office?”

Only 36.4 percent of respondents answered in the affirmative, meaning that they think Biden is running things. A majority – 56.5 percent – however, opined that Biden is not running things.

When the numbers are broken down by party affiliation, it shows that a massive 83.6 percent of Republicans believe that someone else is running the Biden administration other than Biden. The corresponding percentage for Democrat respondents is 31.7 and for independents is 58.4.

On the other hand, 58.6 percent of Democrat respondents believe that Biden actually is running things. And, the corresponding percentages for Republicans and Independents are 11 and 36.1, respectively.

The margin of error for the survey is plus or minus 2.97 percentage points, which isn’t going to change much here.

So, who’s in charge then?

This, of course, is the big question, and it is one that the Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity asked on Tuesday.

“This isn’t a joke. Who is in charge of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?” Hannity asked. He added: “I know at times on this program I have joked about this, but honestly starting tonight, this stops, that stops. This is not a joking matter.”

Hannity continued by highlighting the results of the Trafalgar poll. And, he pointed out both the domestic and international consequences that the reality, or at least the perception, that Biden is not running things could have.

“Every hostile actor, every hostile regime in the world they’re studying him every day and they’re also becoming more emboldened every day,” Hannity pointed out.

Hannity concluded by arguing that if the same standards that were applied to former President Donald Trump were applied to Biden, then “we’d be invoking the 25th Amendment and asking him to step aside.” Now, however, Hannity noted that no one seems to care about our president’s cognitive health.

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