Poll shows that plurality of voters want Trump’s SCOTUS nominee confirmed

According to Breitbart, a recently released poll shows that more voters want Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, to be confirmed by the Senate than don’t want her to be confirmed. 

The poll was conducted by Just the News with Scott Rasmussen on September 26, the same day that President Trump nominated Barrett to the Supreme Court. The results of that poll were released on Monday.

The numbers

What the pollsters found was that 37 percent of voters were in favor of Barrett being confirmed by the Senate, while 30 percent opposed it. The remaining 33 percent indicated that they were undecided.

1,000 registered voters participated in the poll, which was conducted online within hours of the president’s selection of Barrett.

An interesting point was made by Scott Rasmussen, namely, “that 46% of voters had either never heard of Barrett or didn’t know enough to have an opinion of her.” This means that, for many of the participants, Barrett’s background had nothing to do with their response to the poll.

Another related point made by Rasmussen is that “While polls show that many voters would have preferred waiting on the nomination until after the election, there is a generally positive reaction to the nominee herself.”

FiveThirtyEight recently reported that “We’ve identified 12 polls so far that have asked some version of the question, ‘Should Ginsburg’s seat be filled this year by Trump, or next year by the winner of the 2020 presidential election?’ And on average, 52 percent of respondents have said to wait, while only 39 percent have said Trump should fill the seat now.”

Where the candidates stand

The issue of filling the Supreme Court vacancy was touched upon by the candidates during their first debate on Tuesday. Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden insisted that the vacancy ought not to be filled until after the election, arguing that this is the only way to ensure that the people have a say.

President Trump, however, correctly pointed out that the people already had a say: they elected a Republican president and a Republican Senate. Not only that, but President Trump reminded Biden and America that he was elected for four years, not for three.

The matter really ought to be that simple, but many seem to be confused by what happened in 2016 with then-President Barrack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee being blocked. What is overlooked by the left is that Obama’s nominee was blocked by a Republican-led Senate, which, of course, is quite different from the current situation. Biden, for the most part, stayed away from this argument from precedent, instead just insisting that the people ought to have a say.

It also ought to be noted that Biden, during the debate refused to say whether, should Barrett be confirmed and should he be elected, he would work with Democrats to eliminate the Senate filibuster and to pack the Supreme Court.

It appears that the voters are just not allowed to know the answer to that question.

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