Poll: Strong plurality “strongly disapprove” of Pres. Biden

Breitbart reports that a new poll has a plurality of participants indicating that they “strongly disapprove” of President Joe Biden’s job performance. 

The poll was conducted by the Trafalgar Group from August 8th through the 11th, which was last Sunday through Wednesday. Altogether, 1,073 people responded to the survey.

The findings

The Trafalgar Group asked participants the following question: “how do you think Joe Biden is handling his job as president?” Participants had five responses to choose from: “strongly approve,” “approve,” “disapprove,” “strongly disapprove,” and “no opinion.”

Out of those five choices, a plurality  – 41.6 percent – chose “strongly disapprove.” The next closest, at 26.7 percent, was “strongly approve,” then, at 19.8 percent, was “approve,” 5.9 percent, “disapprove,” and, finally, 6 percent, “no opinion.”

The poll’s margin of error was plus or minus two percentage points. This would not be enough to overcome the, roughly, 15 percentage point gap between “strongly disapprove” and “strongly approve.”

It would be enough, though, to overcome the gap between those who generally approve and disapprove of Biden’s job performance.

If one were to reduce the survey to these two options, along with “no opinion,” then the results would have been 47.5 percent disapprove, 46.5 percent approve, and 6 percent no opinion. This is within the margin of error.


In recent months, Biden has been trending downward in the polls. In this regard, the Trafalgar Group’s poll is supported by several others.

Currently, Real Clear Politics has Biden’s approval rating at 50.1 percent. This percentage is an average of several national polls.

Earlier this week, the average was actually below 50 percent, but a recently released Rasmussen Reports poll helped Biden to get back over the 50 percent approval mark.

Still, this is not what one would expect from a president who received the most popular votes in history. It is, however, what you would expect if you were to look at the results of the policies that Biden and his administration have implemented since taking over.

Whether it’s the southern border crisis, where there are record numbers of illegal immigrants entering America, or the economy, where inflation is reaching a multi-decade high, or even the recent situation in Afghanistan, where the country has been overrun by the Taliban, Biden’s policies aren’t working. And, the downward trend in the polls would suggest that there are some Americans out there who are finally waking up to this fact.

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