Polls find that violence is becoming more acceptable

Violence in on the rise. And not just out in the world, but in people’s heads.

New polls indicate that the percentage of Americans who believe that violence is a legitimate way to further a political cause is on the rise, Politico reports.

The numbers

The most recent polls that Politico used for its report were done by Nationscape, one in June and one in September of this year. Over 6,000 individuals participated in these polls, and the margin of error is around 2 percentage points.

According to the results of the poll, now, about 1 in 3 Americans, regardless of party affiliation, believe that violence could be justified to advance their political goals.

Similar polls were conducted from 2017-2019 by YouGov and the Voter Study Group, with a sample size of 5,900 and a margin of error of 1.5-3 percentage points.

The first of these polls took place in November 2017, and as opposed to 1 in 3, or 33 percent, then only 8 percent of Americans believe violence in the name of politics can be justified. In October of 2018, that number was, roughly, 12 percent, and in December of 2019, 15 percent.

But then, the two most recent polls, the ones by Nationscape, saw a jump to 30 percent in June 2020, and then, finally, to 33 percent in September 2020.

Another poll, same story

In addition, Fox News recently reported on another poll that found that college and university students see violence as a way “to protest or censor a campus speaker with whom they disagree.”

This poll was conducted by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Real Clear Education, and College Pulse. 20,000 students across 55 campuses were asked various questions about free speech issues.

One of the questions was about the acceptability of various actions “to protest a campus speaker.” Fox reports: “The percentage of ‘never acceptable’ responses increased with the more violent an action became, but with 82% of students answering ‘never’ for ‘using violence,’ that means 17-18% of students responded that violence was in some form acceptable.”

What’s going on?

Breitbart’s John Nolte believes that the media is largely to blame for this change. He writes:

This is exactly what the corporate media have been pushing since Ferguson — using race hoaxes like we saw with Trayvon Marin and Ferguson and Baltimore, and now Breonna Taylor, to normalize, justify, and encourage political violence. Why? Because this is the only influence the media have left.

Nolte certainly has a point. But the bottom line is that America is becoming more and more dangerous, and signs seem to indicate that it’s only going to get worse. We need to cool down before the pot boils over.

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