Pres. Biden: “First question I’m told is . . .”

President Joe Biden just confirmed what we all already known.

The Washington Examiner reports Biden as revealing that a recent press conference was at least partially scripted. 

The incident took place during the press conference that Biden held on Friday with South Korean President Moon Jae-in. At the start of the press conference, when Biden went up to the microphone, he let slip that his first question, or at least the first reporter that he called on, was picked for him.

“First question I’m told is MaryAlice Parks, ABC,” Biden said.

The “cheat sheet”

The Biden administration has struggled with media transparency. There have been several reports, like this one, that demonstrate that the Biden administration is orchestrating press conferences.

Back in March, Breitbart reported Biden as using a “cheat sheet.” This was during Biden’s first solo press conference. The reader may remember, that for the longest time after being inaugurated, Biden didn’t even face the press.

But, during his first press conference, in March, when he finally did face reporters, cameras caught him using a piece of paper, which appeared to show which reporters to call on. The paper had the photographs and names of a number of journalists, and some of the journalists had a circled number next to their pictures, which seemed to suggest the order in which Biden was supposed to call on them.

All-in-all, Biden only called on some 10 reporters during that more than hour-long press conference. And, he avoided right-leaning outlets like Fox News. 

He just follows orders

On several other occasions, including one that just happened a couple of weeks ago, on May 12th, Biden has revealed that he has certain rules that he is supposed to follow during press conferences.

The most recent incident occurred toward the end of the May 12th press conference when reporters continued to shout questions at Biden despite the press conference ending.

“You guys are bad,” Biden said. “I’m not supposed to be answering all these questions. I’m supposed to leave. But I can’t resist your questions.”

It certainly is a different approach than that of the Trump administration.

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