Pres. Biden opens America’s borders

On his first day as U.S. president, within hours of being officially sworn in, Joe Biden moved to open up America’s borders.

Reuters reports that President Biden Wednesday signed around half-a-dozen executive orders aimed at reversing former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. 

Ending the so-called Muslim Ban

One of the most important executive actions that Biden signed put an end to former President Trump’s travel ban.

Enacted in 2017 but amended several times thereafter, the travel ban put a stop to immigration from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Venezuela, North Korea, Nigeria, Myanmar, Eritrea, Sudan, Tanzania, and Kyrgyzstan. All of these countries have either sponsored terrorism or have refused to share national security data.

The goal of the travel ban was to make America safer, and it has worked. But, the left has seen the ban as nothing more than a discriminatory measure aimed at Muslims, since many of the banned countries are Muslim-majority countries. The left, accordingly, tried to get the travel ban deemed unconstitutional by the judiciary, but that did not work.

So, President Biden on Wednesday eliminated the travel ban by way of executive action. Now, immigration from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Venezuela, North Korea, Nigeria, Myanmar, Eritrea, Sudan, Tanzania, and Kyrgyzstan is once again allowed.

Renewed hope for “Dreamers,” and more

President Biden, on Wednesday, also called in an executive order for Congress to give to “Dreamers” both permanent status and a path to citizenship. This is the group of roughly one million illegal immigrants who came to America as children and were allowed to stay under the policies of former-President Barrack Obama.

Biden similarly called for lawmakers to pass a bill providing a path to citizenship for all illegal immigrants currently residing in America, which is believed to be between 11 and 22 million individuals.

In other executive orders signed on Wednesday, Biden put a stop to the construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall, a key feature of former President Trump’s immigration plan. And, Biden also reversed an executive order from Trump that stopped illegal immigrants from being counted for the purposes of congressional apportionment.

A more general executive order signed by Biden on Wednesday replaced the Trump administration’s strict enforcement tone with a more lenient one, with regard to immigration policy.

Biden’s message has been sent

All of this demonstrates that President Biden is keen on opening America’s borders back up. The executive orders signed on Wednesday are a giant step in that direction. It is, however, only the beginning. Outlets are reporting that Biden has more immigration plans that he will reveal before the end of the month.

Many of us would argue that these policies are in and of themselves bad for America. But, even those who disagree, must admit that, considering the domestic problems that our country is currently facing, opening up our borders is probably not the best idea at this time. Time will tell.

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22 Responses

  1. How many American lives will be lost? How many American jobs will be lost? I am afraid that we have the government we deserve.

  2. Creepy Joe is so wrong. He is a traitor to American people. Don’t trust him and Harris.
    They’re not my president at all. I did not vote for them two crooked criminals. Trump is the one for our American country. I am for Trump.

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    1. How do we do that? Even if we took back the Senate and won the House in 2022, there wouldn’t be enough vote to impeach AND convict Beijing Joe and “Pres.” Harris. The only option seems to be dusting off the Declaration of Independence and taking it to heart.

  4. Why is he doing this? This is very upsetting!! I am not a Trump follower, but am not happy with Biden right now.

  5. Here comes the superspread of the coronavirus. Why don’t you replace the National Guard at the white house with the incoming immagants. They can protect you.

  6. Leave it to sleep 💤 Biden to miss thing up just like a Democrat mess things up and expect someone else will fix it .

  7. I never voted for them. I believe that they lied their way into the positions they are in and they cannot be trusted. AMERICA IS A SCARY PLACE IF THE IMMIGRANTS START POURING IN.

  8. Does that mean Muslim Terrorist are allowed entry into our country to restart the Caliphate within our borders?

  9. Future Dimocrat voters and charity cases at any price to be paid by the citizens & workers of the U.S. Since the price will be paid by those voiceless and tramped upon it doesn’t matter.

  10. Biden can open up the country to people who knowingly have COVID but he can’t open the damn US up to people who don’t. This MF needs to be executed on the streets in front of everyone. Hoping for some terminal hero to step up and take them all out. One can wish.

    1. I think we are heading for another Revolution! I served the Military during Vietnam, to protect this Country,not to destroy it. We have to come together to stop their Communist ways.

  11. That just proves he knows was nothing about policy and is just doing this because he and not even thinking about America

  12. Biden and Obama seems to be good friends and think somewhat alike.
    Trouble is they need move to a Country that supports their thinking as it is
    surely not America or the People therein.
    WE, America and its People are in great danger and it will get worse as time
    goes on. Police are quitting and you cannot blame them, The Military who
    N.P. authorized to go to Washington, D.C. for Joe was left holding the bag
    as no plans were made to put them up while there.
    Seems to me that if they cannot even run one day right then this shows us
    the type of leadership we will have in charge of government.

  13. 👌 Time to revisit Washington’ s vision. Not long ago it didnt seem possible but today it makes perfect sense. Hand to hand combat with illegals to save our union. The left is not for unity; that is just another lie they use to deceive the people.

    God help us. Righteousness exalts a nation. We have fallen, fallen, and evil spirits have occupied the city of Washington DC.

  14. Somebody hog tie the man. He knows not what he is doing. Glad I don’t live near the border. It will take as little more time for the illegal immagrants to get far into the country. Hope all you Biden supporters are happy with what you got. I for one think it spells doom for our country.

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