Pres. Biden redirects coronavirus funds to unaccompanied minors

A new report indicates that President Joe Biden is taking money away from American healthcare initiatives, including ones related to the coronavirus, and redirecting it to underage migrants who have crossed the border. 

This information comes by way of Politico. 

The outlet recently revealed that “the Department of Health and Human Services [HHS] has diverted more than $2 billion meant for other health initiatives toward covering the cost of caring for unaccompanied immigrant children.”

A deeper look

According to Politico, a large part of this $2 billion is actually coming from two coronavirus initiatives.

The outlet reports that Biden took $850 million from funding meant to restore America’s Strategic National Stockpile. This stockpile is our country’s emergency medical reserve. The stockpile was decimated during the coronavirus, which is exactly why funds were allocated for it to be rebuilt.

Biden, according to Politico, additionally took another $850 million from funding that was supposed to be for the expansion of coronavirus testing.

These two sources account for about $1.7 billion of the $2 billion reallocated by Biden. The other roughly $4 billion, Politico reports, has been taken “from a range of existing health initiatives across the department.”

Biden’s plan exposed

What Politico’s report does is provide us with some more specifics about an earlier report that was published by the New York Times. 

The Times published information about a leaked government document that indicated that Biden’s administration is planning on spending $9 billion on unaccompanied migrant minors in the remainder of the current fiscal year.

The migrant children being referred to here are those roughly 50,000 minors who have crossed over into America since Biden became president.

Biden and his administration have chosen not to adopt former President Donald Trump’s strategy, which was to fly these minors back to their home countries. Biden, instead, has taken these children in, which is why the additional $9 billion is needed.

None of this is the fault of these children. But, as Breitbart reports: “the transfer of funding to the growing population of more than 50,000 foreign children and youths means fewer resources for lower-profile American kids, as their diverse American parents are damaged by the Chinese virus, cheap labor migration, job losses, housing costs, drugs, or homelessness.”

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  8. But MSM isn’t going to report on the joe and ho administration STEALING from AMERICANS to take care of those who have NO BUSINESS being in the USA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO, I suppose the DEMONRATS thinks it’s OKAY to STEAL from our most affected AMERICANS to get a pat on the back for a supposed humanitarian thing !!! But, truly how humanitarian is it to take 50,000 children from other countries and hand them over to GOD knows who and what actually happened to them before they arrived ,as well as what will happen after they are handed over to supposed family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Biden & Hunter Biden betrayed ALL Americans when he sold out this country to CHINA! Now he is continuing his destruction of Americans by opening the borders, and not even visiting the borders to see the HORRIBLE crisis they have created by doing this. I do not understand why both Biden/Harris are not impeached, for their DISSERVICE to LEGAL citizens, in fact it is scary to go out in Los Angeles, CA due to the GROWING homeless population, who beg & threaten hard working legal citizens, and at times ROB THEM. Biden/Harris are only adding to all of our problems and not solving ANY.

  9. Biden did not get my consent as an American citizen to give my hard earned money to a situation that Biden caused. He is disregarding Americans and I see him as a traitor and should be impeached immediately . He is a lowlife and should go into his own pocket and pay for illegals .

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