Pres. Biden signs an executive order significantly raising America’s refugee cap

President Joe Biden continued his quest to undo former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies on Thursday.

Breitbart reports that Biden has signed an executive order that will increase the number of refugees that the United States will accept by over 100,000. 

Undoing Trump’s immigration policies

Since taking office on January 20th, Biden has signed a large number of executive orders. Many of them have targeted the pro-American immigration policies enacted by the Trump administration. One of the executive orders signed by Biden on Thursday would fit into this category.

This particularly executive order has to do with America’s refugee cap – the number of refugees that the American government is willing to accept each year.

When former President Obama left office, this refugee cap was at 110,000. Trump, over the course of his four years in office, significantly lowered that number.

During Trump’s first year in office, the refugee cap went from Obama’s 110,000 to 50,000. In Trump’s second year, it went from 50,000 to 45,000. It went from 45,000 to 30,000 in Trump’s third year. And, finally, in 2020, Trump’s last year, the cap went from 30,000 down to 18,000.

Trump exited office with a proposal to lower the refugee cap again to 15,000, marking a historic low.

Biden’s latest immigration order

To repeat, America’s refugee cap went from 110,000 under Obama to 18,000 under Trump – a gradual change that took four years to implement. Now, however, Biden wants to undo all of this in less than half that time.

Biden on Thursday signed an executive order looking to raise America’s refugee cap to 125,000 by the end of the 2022 fiscal year. In the executive order, Biden does state that he intends to consult with Congress on the matter, but, with Congress currently under the control of the Democrats, this is likely an empty statement.

Biden, speaking at the State Department on Thursday, said, “It’s going to take time to rebuild what has been so badly damaged, but that’s precisely what we’re going to do.”

Antony Blinken, Biden’s Secretary of state, also commented upon Biden’s latest immigration executive order. He said:

Over the coming months and years, we will rebuild and expand the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program and other humanitarian programs so they reflect our values as a nation and are commensurate with global need, consistent with our domestic laws and international obligations, as well as our fundamental responsibility for the safety and security of the American people.

Many argue that Obama and the Democrats’ immigration policies are a large part of what led to Trump’s election in the first place. Let’s hope then that Biden is sealing the Democrats’ political fate with all of these immigration executive orders.

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23 Responses

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  2. Does Ol Joe have nothing else to do? This proves just how many great accomplishments Trump did while in office and how hateful liberals and Democrats are to try to reverse the things that made America Great Again!
    Over 40 and counting! When you read what Biden is doing, it’s just beyond any reasoning except hatred towards Trump and America. I think someone nailed it by saying ‘It’s all about the Benjamin’s Baby!’

  3. I don’t feel safe any more with Biden and democrats in power. But I feel safe in the knowledge. I’m a child of the King !!! The King is coming and I want to be ready!

  4. hey all the people that voted for trump, especially african Americans. He used your vote to win the election and now you are paying. Gasoline up .50 a gallon and going higher based on oil futures you will see 2.75-3.00 a gallon here in florida and other places like California 4-5 dollars a gallon. Biden killed the key stone pipe lone that 10,000 people lost their jobs and the cities and towns that were getting income base on sales tax and state and city taxes are going to loose out on income. Biden is shutting down fracking on federal lands and oil drilling. We will be going back to be dependent of over seas oil. He is raising the number of refugees who are going come to the unites states from 18000 a year by trump and biden has raised that 125000. These are peole that the usa taxpayer will have to support instead helping american citizens first. This country is nothing more than how a third world country is run and we are heading for rough times. I feel so bad for the younger people and middle age people because you are going to be hit the hardest. What about biden’s promise for everyone to get a $2000 stimulus check if you vote for me and now he has reduced that to $1400. The usa is finished.

  5. Biden is a moronic old idiot. He’s out to kill this country. Patriots will have to take back the country and fix it. Turn back all this Biden crap.

    1. Ray, I also do believe all the executive mandates are unconstitutional. There is NO compromise, no talk, no Unity (what a joke!) Since few on the right are brave enough to stand up to this, maybe they should start impeachment proceedings of Biden as a group of concerned citizens. We cannot simply watch this happen. Where is the voice of we the people?

  6. Biden is a puppet of Obama. Biden is a mentally sick man. Biden should be impeached now !! Biden is not my president. I will not pay my taxes so joe can allow immigrants into this country. Stick it up your bum Joe. You are an illegitimate president, not worthy of the title of president.

  7. We can’t feed our own people! How in heaven’s name does he expect to feed 125,000 immigrants! Let’s get our own house in order before we’re ALL starving!

  8. Ruling by fiat, it seems. EO’s are for emergencies. Everything else should go through Congress. Obama ruled by Executive Orders but it is certainly unconstitutional, and i hope someone in Congress will have a backbone and call him out for this.

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