Pres. Biden uses Parkland shooting anniversary to push gun control

This past weekend was the three-year anniversary of the Parkland, Florida, shooting that resulted in the death of 14 students and three teachers.

President Joe Biden, accordingly, took the opportunity to push gun control legislation. 

“We will take action”

Sunday on Twitter Biden released a lengthy statement on the Parkland shooting.

“Three years ago today, a lone gunman took the lives of 14 students and three educators at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida,” Biden wrote. “In seconds, the lives of dozens of families, and the life of an American community were changed forever.”

Biden continued this emotional appeal for another five-paragraphs before concluding with his real purpose: a call to action.

“Today,” Biden wrote, “I am calling on Congress to enact commonsense gun law reforms, including requiring background checks on all gun sales, banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and eliminating immunity for gun manufacturers who knowingly put weapons of war on our streets.”

False assumptions

Breitbart’s Awr Hawkins points out that there are a number of issues with Biden’s statement.

The most important one is the implicit claim that something like “background checks on all gun sales” would actually stop the Parkland-type shootings. As Hawkins notes, the Parkland case itself disproves this since the shooter acquired his weapon after going through a background check.

Similarly, Biden, in his statement, also implies that gun control would stop the gun violence that is taking place in American cities. What he, of course, leaves out is the fact that many of those cities already have the sort of gun control measures that he wants.

The gun control called for by Democrats simply doesn’t work, but they continue to push it. On the other hand, as Hawkins points out, Democrats, including Biden, have rejected something that could actually work to prevent a Parkland-type shooting: arming teachers, which was suggested by a commission that produced a report on the Parkland Shooting.

Government-issued propaganda

The Parkland shooting was a terrible tragedy about which many of us still have deep feelings. We need to recognize that Biden’s statement is nothing more than an attempt to use these emotions to get us to support gun control measures that will do more to hurt us than to help us.

After all, good people follow the law, and bad people don’t. So, what good are gun control-type laws anyway?

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24 Responses

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  2. BidenSenile and not responsible for making any decisions he’s a puppet and being used and there needs to be a stop put to it before he completely destroys our country

    1. Agreed ! With 70% of congress and Senate being part of the problem,, I’d say we definitely have a insurmountable task at hand.
      Communism is on it’s way….
      Trump 2020 !
      The Supreme Court needs a spine !

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  4. Historic Fact: Governments have disarmed and executed over 262 million of their own people in the 20th Century. Please tell me again why Governments should be the only one with guns?

    1. Bahahaha ! Nice ! We are American Patriots and WILL NOT ever lay down our arms. This guy in the White House is a fraud . The ex-callgirl at his side seems to have forgotten her place on the street corner in Compton.
      God bless these United States and her Patriots !

    2. First they take our freedom of speech, then they want gun registration of all guns and where you keep them, so they know where they are when they come to take them; psychological test to own a gun and everyone will fail, of course.
      Tell us, do they put illegals through this when they try to invade our country – register them (joke); test them for Covid; reject them if they are gang members; make sure they do not have criminal records; etc. Or are illegals immune from what they want to do to U.S. citizens.
      Another question – Biden wants to legalize 22million illegals, but at the same time they legalize aborting millions of babies – so they are killing future U.S. citizens and allowing criminals to cross into our country?? And then they want our guns. What is wrong with this picture.

  5. What good will it do to unarm Law abiding citizen especially when democrats want to do away with law and order those idiots (democrats ) don’t have a thought process sounds to me instead of killing jobs should be creating jobs so people can work and won’t be used as the devil’s servants

  6. Well, well, well. Who actually is the POTUS? It is less then one month since the bumbling idiot took office and destroyed a considerable amount of jobs, medical discounts and caused an uprising amount many people. The broom riding VP is calling the shots and can’t wait to be in the oval office. Then, look out. I can only hope impeachment takes place.

  7. After over two hundred years of law abiding citizens having guns that don’t commit crimes with them but use them for hunting and self defense, we need to take them away from them. Criminals who aren’t legally able to buy or own guns buy them from other criminals and illegal immigrants who break our laws to come here won’t hand them over to obey the law.
    So, we going to punish law a citizens, take away their constitutional rights because of the criminals.
    Does that mean the next step is to take law abiding citizens money from their bank accounts because of bank robbers?
    Where does it stop?

  8. Gun control like Biden wants will not stop the major cause of death that occur from gun violence. Those going around kill people in most accounts get or own guns that weren’t brought legally anyway. Look in your big cities the crimes that occur are bad people on bad people, they kill each other and their guns are never registered or legally purchase. You are never going to control the bad people with guns control. You only make it more difficult for the law abiding citizens.

  9. Biden is NOT our PRESIDENT. He did NOT win that was a fraud election with so much cheating PRESIDENT TRUMP IS OUR PRESIDENT STILL BIDEN SHOULD BE IN GITMO with his SON

  10. Carefull, Joe you don’t get all carried away and shoot your self in the foot, it might be uncomfortable, you wouldn’t want to destroy your good imange.l

  11. Well, another of my comments gets a trip to nowhere. Biden must have repealed the First Amendment with an executive order. Welcome to Communist China West, keep your mouth shut at all times. Censorship rules, and everybody but the government loses.

    1. John Decker, this site censors. 2022 is housecleaning time. And get rid of Sec. 230 and censoring time…time to regulate US internet traffic like telephones…we don’t get cut off talking on the phone, and regulation is needed to regulate the internet like telephones….no censoring at all…

  12. Censorship does prevail even on this website. When one cannot express ones
    thoughts, ideals, feelings, dreams, and the like then his or her freedom of
    speech has been violated.
    Seems to me that this website comment section and I are somewhat in
    disagreement about certain things. and my feelings toward those things.
    My e-mail address is known and if I said something that shouldn’t be
    published then send me an e-mail describing what and why.
    I think TRUTH is what people are looking for not lies & deceit. But I could be wrong. Tell me if I am.

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